Thursday, January 19, 2012

Reactor 2 Containment Vessel Endoscopy Update: They Coudn't See the Water

(UPDATE: Photos inside the CV just released. See my new post.)


The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency's press conference is ongoing. TEPCO will have its evening press conference in less than an hour (at 6:00PM JST).

From NISA's press conference, on Reactor 2 Containment Vessel endoscopy carried out on January 19:

TEPCO couldn't see the surface of the water which was supposed to remain in the Containment Vessel.

The water level was probably much lower than expected (5.3 meters from the bottom of the CV).

It was highly humid inside the CV, and water was dripping.

No comment to one reporter's question of whether there is a damage on the CV as the water level was lower than expected.

Blurry image with water drops and high radiation inside.

Inside the CV, temperature was 40 degrees Celsius.


STeVe the JeW said...

sounds like a party.

Anonymous said...

That does not sound like "cold shutdown."

Anonymous said...

uh.. something to advertise as a new sauna resort, together with assurances and educated talks that high radiation is very good for lowering blood pressure (to 0) :)

Anonymous said...

Possibly a leakage of contaminated water to the soil or whatever under the vessel.Oh god

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