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Dörte Siedentopf on Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: "They Haven't Learned Anything from Chernobyl"

Dr. Siedentopf says that the Japanese people have been systematically lied to by their own government. The health problems that the Japanese people will face will be tremendous, but the governments and the nuclear industry worldwide turn blind eyes, she says.

The original German article for the readers who read German. I don't know if there's a good English translation. (Any volunteers? German is my third language, not good enough for translation.)

TAZ: Ärztin mit sozialer Verantwortung (12/26/2011)


Anonymous said...

NO they have not. And now they need to stay inside per one doctor --at Fukushima.Please translate and post!

Anonymous said...

so, do the TEPCO fux sit in air-filtered rooms all day? -counting cash they kept from what should have been spread around as investment in the common welfare of the citizens of Japan and therefore their own future? Absolute betrayal and theft of lives (and, perhaps soon to be all life?) and futures...
The Japanese people need to storm the NHK/TEPCO castles NOW>>>! The meida is the biggest culprit for it shapes the minds of the transfixed/hypnotized. Rense speaks of that freq.

But, if not, NO amount of cash or filters will save their souls in the end.

Fall Out Man! said...

Just run it through Google Translate. Some very interesting information there from a doctor who devoted years of her life to working to help people in Belarus affected by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.!84368/&ei=dPEHT93LKaGXiQfBtcmjCQ&sa=X&oi=translate&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CCEQ7gEwAA&prev=/search%3Fq%3D!84368/%26hl%3Den%26client%3Dfirefox-a%26hs%3DaGm%26rls%3Dorg.mozilla:en-US:official%26prmd%3Dimvns

Fall Out Man! said...

- Massive effort by some people to give Children in contaminated areas time away holidaying in the west to recover some health
- Charitable donations of medical equipment and basic medical supplies
- Belarus got more of the fallout than the Ukraine as the wind was blowing towards Moscow and the Soviets did cloud seeding to drop the fallout before it got to Moscow. No one in Belarus was told what was happening. Horrible contamination as a result.
- Soviets did at least eventually evacuate people and paid some compensation.
- Now the victims and liquidators are completely forgotten. They have nothing and are dying.
- Belarusian president recently signed a deal with Russia to build Belarus's first nuclear power station. Population is very annoyed but can do nothing. Propaganda promising cheap clean unlmited power. The usual nuke industry lies. (my own comment: Nuke power is more expensive even than solar. Huge capital cost, huge waste disposal cost, bigger health cost even when working properly as emissions affect health.)

Health effects from translation engine -
- Belarus a long way from the coast, therefore people tend to be deficient in iodine which made initial fallout effects worse. Japan by comparison is lucky with high iodine levels in their diet which will at least protect to a degree from rad iodine fallout.
- A lot of cancer - the doctor speculates that perhaps cancers induced by fallout tend to be faster and more aggressive than most cancers the world sees. (My comment - much of that is likely due to nuke testing and power plants as well!)
- Diabetes is a big problem including in children. Childhood diabetes was almost unheard of until Chernobyl, now its common.
- Infertility : "In Kostjukovitschi there are 30 percent unintentionally sterile marriages. Another story is the growth of malignant tumors, the 6 - to develop, 9-year-olds now -, 7 -, 8. Brain tumors, bone tumors."
- Abortion is a big problem - presumably many abortions. Though the doctor wanted more of them!!! Perhaps she thinks people in Belarus are unfit to breed now? Perhaps she is worried about deformed children being born? (To be fair, this could be a mis-translation - its google translate)
- Food contamination a big problem.
- Contamination is going down through the soil each year. Eventually it will hit the water table.
- Immune problems are common. Symptoms mimicking AIDS and polio are common. Wounds will not heal as bodies are too sick to even repair themselves.
- Massive numbers of genetic defects. Children with various deformities and mentally deficient.
- Women's fertility - "The number of disabled children with mental and physical damage is a direct consequence of radiation exposure. You have the time to make clear that the women are indeed the ovaries already invested in its embryonic stage, a large amount of cells develop into Eierfollikeln, 8 million. And all damage to the mother get from these cells. The placenta has a protective barrier, and can be calculated as the radioactivity concentrated, so to speak. The damaged eggs can not be repaired. 1 to 2 million are there at birth. During puberty or about 400,000. And that may already be damaged in the womb with the corresponding consequences of pregnancy."
- The nuke industry is very powerful with well funded lobbyists. Their influence can be seen in radiation safety limits. Limits in ?Germany? are even higher (less safe) than Belarus and the Ukraine. Disgraceful!
- There is no independent world body making radiation standards and monitoring. The WHO is subservient to the IAEA which promotes the nuclear industry's interests.
-The Food Watch report of the IPPNW (August 2011, German section), formulated perfectly clear: the setting of limits is ultimately "a decision on the tolerable number of deaths."

All that came from Google translate.

Fall Out Man! said...

One more thing from the translation
- Belarus is an economic basket case. Its outside the EU and people are not allowed to work abroad so presumably that keeps them in place. Most of the liquidators were from Belarus. That means a huge number of formerly able bodied men there are sick or dead.

Fall Out Man! said...

Here is one final part of the translation I found interesting. This confirms reports of forced abortions performed by the soviets on every pregnant woman they could find after Chernobyl...

"Attempts have been made after Chernobyl, abortion in all affected pregnancies. The mothers have, however, partially hidden. And right in the following year there were in these children thyroid cancer. A disease that did not exist at pre-Chernobyl children. 4000 cases of thyroid cancer among children in Belarus are officially confirmed to be operated on, are radiotherapy, and the need to take hormones for life, otherwise they become cretins. But they should really get for free, even today, 25 years after that, and also in case of malfunctions that occurred later. "

Apolline said...

@ Fall Out Man !:

Thanks for your translated summary, I'll translate in french to put it on my blog.

How is our Ultraman now ? sciatic pain over ?
It seems it is.

Chibaguy said...

"- Massive effort by some people to give Children in contaminated areas time away holidaying in the west to recover some health"

This is what is happening now in Japan. Go somewhere when school is out.

Viola said...

There's another article, "The silent dying"

Thanks to members of my facebook-group, there are translations:

japanese translation here:

english summary:
Slow Death- Japan is awaiting nightmare (summary)
Dörte Siedentopf has been travelling in regions around Chernobyl for 20 years to help victims, she is member of the IPPNW and speaks about the slow death in Belarus and what could happen in Japan after Fukushima. Peter Poprawa interviewed her on n tv.

She says:
Of course workers in the plant suffer from radiation but also thousands and hundreds of thousands of persons who suffer from low radiation. We tend to forget that low radiation that accumulates in people’s bodies causes ailments.

The body cannot distinguish between Caesium and Potassium, so the body accumulates Caesium via breath and food. You cannot protect yourself from that. After ingestion, the body integrates Caesium in its cells and destroys the energy balance of the cells. That is, of all kinds of cells! The cells die afterwards.

Children are more endangered than adults, because their cells divide themselves constantly. Because they grow, they need permanent energy and have to deal with the impairment of their cells. With children, ailments will start earlier, one to four years afterwards, such as in the case of Chernobyl. Adults have a latency period for Cesium of 20-25 years. It is a slow death, adults who survived 25 years become ill now. The children got sick much earlier and often died.

Cesium also accumulates in reproductive cells, also in the ovaries and women’s human eggs. Those do not reproduce, so they are damaged for the whole span of life. Men’s sperm does reproduce, but they also hand on damaged information. Either infertility will occur or damaged information will be handed on. Responsible persons should have brought women and children to the south a long time ago. There will be a lot of cases of leukemia. The cesium cloud is a catastrophe for Japanese people and we still do not know much about other radionucleotids.

Children are also more apt to accumulating Iodine in their thyroids. The numbers of cases of thyroid cancer will rise.

Strontium is similar to potassium. The body cannot discern between them. So people absorb it via food. It will be integrated in bones and teeth and will affect bone marrow, where blood is produced. There are stem cells that are transformed into white blood cells and blood plates. Strontium will stay there for the whole life span and emits Beta-radiation.

Half life time means that only half of the radiation has disappeared. You have to multiply the half life time by ten in order to know approximately, when it disappeared from the environment. In the case of Strontium and Cesium that would be 400 years.

People will suffer from cancer. And from ailments that are related to strontium. Strontium affects the heart muscle. Children die from cardiac insufficiency by the age of 2,3 or 4 years (that was the case in Chernobyl). Kidneys and liver stop working, blood will be affected. Those effects on the blood are also known as “Chernobyl Aids” with deadly consequences.

I am visiting the region around Chernobyl for 20 years and people still do not want to talk about the accident and their future. They live with the death. There is no family that is not confronted with death. Young people suffer from ailments that we knew only from the elderly. People leave their house and drop dead. Cardiac Insuffiency. Also strokes with 20, 25 or 30 years are not rare.

Half of the fuel rods in Fukushima seems to contain plutonium. Even if you ingest only a small amount of plutonium, lung carcinoma will develop. The body can do nothing against that. It is not curable.

Florian Zschage said...

I will translate the article to english today in the afternoon.

Greetings from northern germany,

Anonymous said...

Government might had become traumatized by the devastating tragedy failed to set it's communication strategy to the people.

The Japanese people are not happy.

Many realize a significant portion of Japanese soil is not suitable for habitation. Just last October a leaked Tepco documented indicated the total amount of plutonium and neptunium emitted from the plant. This stuff sticks around for millions of years...

If you haven't seen the dispersion maps for plutonium they are published here:

Viola said...

@ Florian Zschage:
Ich war schon halb fertig, bevor ich Deinen Kommentar gelesen habe. Wenn Du das hier noch liest - übersetz den restilchen Teil...

The hot stone

Doctor Dörte Siedentopf organizes recreation stays since 20 years for Chernobyl children. She is bewildered about how to deal with Fukushima. By Gabriele Goettle

Ghost town of Pripyat in the Ukraine: The residents were forever evacuated after the disaster.

Dr. med. Dörte Siedentopf, born in 1942 in Oldenburg, school attendance and high school there, and from 1961 studied medicine in Würzburg, Berlin, Göttingen. 1966 examination, promotion 1968, 1967 marriage, two children, from 1970 in Hesse Dietzenbach own medical practice as a general practitioner and psychotherapy in a group practice. Retired since 2003.

She is (since its foundation in 1981) a member of the IPPNW (International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, doctors in social responsibility). She initiated the installation of "stumbling blocks" in Dietzenbach and founded in the early 90s, the "Circle of Friends Kostjukovitschi e. V. Dietzenbach" that besdides other activities, sends relief shipments to Belarus twice a year, with medical equipment, clothing, bicycles, sewing machines, computers, etc.

Since 20 years, recovery stays in Germany are organized for children of Chernobyl. Hospitable Dietzenbacher families accomodate White Russian children every summer. The Circle of Friends now has many members and many friends in Kostjukovitschi. A number of active helpers for the Circle of friends takes care of everything, even to the collection of monetary and material donations. Since 2009, the 23 Anniversary of Chernobyl, there exists a town twinning. Dr. Siedentopf is married to a physician, both children have studied medicine. Her father was a country doctor, her mother a housewife and a teacher.


Viola said...

Dr. Siedentopf welcomes us into her small rooftop apartment in early December in Berlin Pankow in proximity of a park. Over tea and biscuits, she tells us about her relief activities and experiences.

"The worst thing is that the organizers have nothing learned from Chernobyl. I'm speechless over the handling of the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, which is still larger than that of Chernobyl. About the fact that the government's did not increase the evacuation zone accordingly, and women and children have not brought immediately to the south of the country to safety, one can only feel helpless rage. Instead, the population is systematically lied to, they are not at all or misinformed about the real dangers. This is completely irresponsible. What's coming up now to the Japanese - diseases and problems- it's unimagenable. And politics and nuclear industry really put up with everything! Worldwide!

Using the example of Chernobyl, one can see approximately the dimension. Many people think that's a long time ago, that Chernobyl is a bygone disaster that you can read about on Wikipedia. But the people in the radioactively contaminated areas from 1986 to today live with Chernobyl. The consequences do not yield. Unlike natural disasters, they increase with time - and for the next 300 years, at least. I'll say more about that later" (See also the report of the" Society for Radiation Protection "and IPPNW:" The health consequences of Chernobyl, 20 years after the nuclear disaster ", note GG).
People lived for decades in the contaminated area.

"Before, I want to briefly say something about the causes and why we have decided to do relief efforts in Belarus. Most of the contaminated area lies in Belarus. 70 percent of the radioactivity came down on the former Soviet republic of Belarus. A quarter of the land area was contaminated. About 15 kilometers from the reactor,there's the Belarusian border.

And as the wind moved the cloud to Moscow, one has it forced to rain down artificially, with silver iodite. Of course without informing the population. In early May, with wonderful weather, suddenly a sticky, yellow rain came down, people say. One has left the population in the dark for years, there were only resettlements, orders, appeasement. Dosimeters were strictly forbidden.

Particularly affected were the Gomel and Mogilev regions. In Mogilev region there's the town Kostjukovitschi where I've been going to for 20 years. These two areas were contaminated at large area and about a million people had to be resettled, there had to bw built houses in the cities and counties to achieve this. Around Minsk, a huge city has been built. Many people lived ten years in the contaminated areas until they could move into new homes, and many still live on contaminated land and are farming.

Viola said...

Since the demise of the Soviet Union, the Belarusian government has to pay for everything. In 'our' county alone, 8,000 people habe been resettled. 26 villages were demolished and buried. Many villages in the contaminated areas are empty, to some of them came back old people or war veterans returning from Chechnya or Afghanistan, who can not live in the city.

This is comparable to the exclusion zone around Chernobyl. People living in the old villages, no electricity, no tap water, providing themselves as best they can. Everywhere there is sandy soil, as in Berlin - the birch trees go from here to Moscow. The groundwater is very low, ie, when the radioactivity drops 2 inches per year in the sandy soil, then so has now arrived at 50 inches and not far from the groundwater anymore
Half of the budget
There have happened been enormous changes . The costs for Belarus, including the health, were immense. The whole digging works thathave been made in the ten or fifteen years after Chernobyl, the decontamination of the Schoolyards,all the ablation - I don't know where they have brought that. All that was payed by the State of Belarus. I think half of its budget has gone into the elimination of consequences of Chernobyl.

And one day, one could not and would not meet the relatively generous rules from Soviet times any more. That is why President Lukashenko has declared Chernobyl as overcome, as a museum-like event. The formerly contaminated Belarusian areas present no more danger , was officially declared.

Until 20 years after the disaster, there had still existed benefits, there was a so-called coffin money being paid to people who hada status as being liquidators. But as well people who were relocated had a claim. These payments were largely discontinued. It was not much money, but there was free medical care as well, which has now been abolished. And the recognition of certain diseases, as a result of Chernobyl, is no longer taken for granted.

Nearly a million clean-up workers' - mostly young men - were used at Chernobyl and its surroundings. A large part of them came from Belarus. Today, most liquidators are invalid, have lung and thyroid cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the kidneys, the gastrointestinal area, leukemia and even mental illness. Approximately 100,000 have so far died, aged between 40 and 50 years. Many committed suicide. Though it was simply told that Chernobyl is over. There have been protests in Minsk. And right now, there has been a protest in Kiev again, with a hunger strike by the liquidators, against the stark cuts that the Ukraine as well has made to pensions and benefits.

Viola said...

In the villages costs are low
In Belarus, for example,there was a the free kindergarden for the affected, the school food was free, the children also received special vitamins, and cures -the latter they even get it now, once per year, but otherwise everything was scaled back. as well the vitamin-rich food for the schools and kindergartens. So the identificaton card which they all have, they have shown us, does not account for anything actually. All former claims are deleted.

If you already have very little and are sick as well, then the impact of the cuts and cuts is very high. Right now they have again - as every year - increased the local levies, ie water and heat. And the heat for the city, for the big houses and blocks, which runs in uninsulated pipes on the field during the winter, there's a loss anyway that has to be paid as well. That is why many people prefer to live in the villages, where they can reduce their costs.

The high public debt which restricts and oppresses all people is certainly on one hand caused by Chernobyl, but also by massive mismanagement. There is a hyper-inflation in Belarus, which is currently about 113 percent. The average salary is 150 to 300 euros a month. Working abroad is not allowed.

No opposition is tolerated
The boundaries towards the new EU member states Poland, Latvia, Lithuania are tight for Belarusians. But it's not just the money, the threat of state bankruptcy, there is also a tremendous inability to actually build up any in government at all within 20 years , in democracy. No opposition is tolerated. Yet it comes to protest demonstrations. As against the outrageous decision to build a nuclear plant.

Belarus has no nuclear power plants. But immediately after Fukushima Lukashenko has said he wants to build one now, with Russian help, in Ostrowez, 20 km from the Lithuanian border. The contract has since been sealed by Lukashenko and Putin. It will cost more than 5 billion euros, the NPP is said to be modern and perfectly safe, clean and supply affordable energy and create jobs, all these propaganda stories. As the nuclear industry in East and West is the same.

So this is just a hint to the general conditions. Many things I know from personal experience. It has started this way: We have back then, 1990 - participated in a group trip to Minsk for reconciliation and international understanding - after glasnost and perestroika. The event was organized by a parochial "Working group Peace in Bonn / Bad Godesberg. "

(The Republic of Belarus suffered most from the attack of the German Wehrmacht in the Soviet Union, under the atrocities of military and special operations groups. After three years of occupation, the country was ravaged and plundered, it lost many inhabitants, and almost the entire Jewish population was assassinated. In the vicinity of Minsk, the Germans built the largest death camp on Soviet soil. Note GG)

"That was also interesting for me because my father for many years ... there are letters from Brest. Brest Fortress. There are pictures ... even in the hospital. It was just, what's it called? Army Group Centre, one of the hospitals, which they had there. Letters and pictures ... and as he was so ... Somehow I always thought I have to see this once . We have never talked to him about all these things, of course. And in 1963 he then died, a malignant disease as well. I only know my mother rumored that he once said, 'If we lose the war, then God help us!' "

Viola said...

The children with the scars
Dr. Siedentopf has picked up courage again and goes on:.. "We have looked at everything, the former ghetto as well. And by chance we five doctors from the group have visited a clinic outside of Minsk. There, children recovered that were treated for thyroid cancer. These were the first victims we saw, in a former convalescent home for officers. All the children were pale and with a red scar on the neck.

Only then, werealized that Chernobyl is not over. A doctor then told us that reconciliation and understanding among nations could not really help so much, but that they need real medical help. If we wanted to help, we should go to the provinces, the major hospitals in Minsk were already relatively well supplied. The Frankfurt University Hospital was dedicated there. And we got an address and said we'd considerthis. And soon after two of us went to Kostjukovitschi. It is located about 180 kilometers in a straight line from Chernobyl, in the east of Belarus.

My city Dietzenbach has 35,000 inhabitants, about as many as Kostjukovitschi. We visited the chief doctor there in an old hospital from 1905, it was incredible, barracks, spread on the ground, without anything. He showed us everything, and then we met the pregnant pharmacist Larissa, which is still our reliable contact woman and friend. She showed us the pharmacy, which was also very poorly equipped. There was a lack of dressing material, of expendable items. For children, it was said, there are no suppositories. She couldn't produce itself, because she lacked the crude cocoa butter.

And why you do not have eyes and ear drops? There is no dropper bottle, she said. And since then our project started, first with medical help. It was about the sequelae of Chernobyl, so as to be somewhat helpful. And with these people, the chief physician, the pharmacist and a pediatrician, we actually had a very intensive medical project during ten years.

We have sent for the pharmacy project - or delivered - what was needed as substances. They have it processed there themselves. The children suppositories were then free or very cheaply made. Important assistance was also gynecological preparations, women's suppositories. After ten years, this was no longer possible because the drug allocation was centralized, the pharmacies and retail were outlets only and not allowed to produce anything themselves.

At that early time it had already begun that children were invited to Germany. In 1990 the first children were invited to rest stays in the GDR. They spoke russin and already had contacts. In 1991, it started with us. Our city said they will take over the financing for 50 children from the Chernobyl area for a vacation in the Taunus. But I said, let them take children and families from Kostjukovitschi as well and our families in Dietzenbach should also deal with the issue.

Viola said...

I was about 40 times in Belarus
And it was then made,the city financed it for two or three years and later our 'Friends circle Kostjukovitschi e. V.', who then was founded legally, so the donations we were able to settle properly. Families and children have become friends very quickly despite language difficulties and despite being a stranger. Many of these friendships have survived over the years. To date, more than 900 children and 250 adults were our guests in Dietzenbach . Many friendly return visits have taken place. And since then, I've been in Belarus about 40 times.

From the first year we actually always have collected lacking objects for everyday life in this society of lack - in addition to medical assistance. At first at my practice, then later we got our own rooms. There were sent packets, twice yearly there are shipments by truck, we collected everything, clothes, bicycles, sewing machines, toys, musical instruments, computers, sports equipment, etc. We as well asked there what was needed, an art school wanted a kiln .

A nursing home in a village needed everything: beds, mattresses, bedding, clothes, carpets, furniture, dishes, etc. We were very committed, there were also a furnishings for the doctor's room who came to the village from time to time,deck, appliances. Or for pediatricians, we have sent stethoscopes and ear speculums that were missing, or specula with which one looks into the nose, things like that. Oh yes, we sent small mirrors, with which you look into the larynx, as well . But they were alwaysblind after already one year , and we asked what do they do with them. They were sterilized in the general sterilization and that made them blind. Then we have procured an own small sterilizer , and from there it went good.

Anonymous said...

thanks for spamming google translate at us, guise
that was really helpful... not
laprimavera, maybe you could clean up some of this BS when you have the time and inclination?

Anonymous said...

Keep it up, 6:37, and guess whose "garbage" will be cleaned up .. and "Out"!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the translation. Here is someone else with information on the effects on the people after Chernobyl. He is in prison
Free Bandazhevsky !

Anonymous said...

Wow, amazing to see something good coming out of taz again. I stopped reading them a few years ago, because they'd become quite awful. If only they would keep publishing articles like this one.

Frau Siedentopf scheint ein toller Mensch zu sein: einfuehlsam, mutig, kenntnisreich. Alle Achtung!

Anonymous said...

There you can see pictures about the reality where Dr. Siedentopf is working in:

It´s a long playlist, not for weak nerves.

Anonymous said...

Someone always links to the magnum website, as if its proof of anything. Belarus's mental asylums and orphanages were basket cases before Chernobyl, and they are basket cases still.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Google translation from German to English is not as bad as from English to Japanese. In this case, Fall Out Man summarized the article from the Google translation, and I think it is a very good summary. And thank you Viola.

OT: A Japanese translator (subcontractor) used Google translation to translate a chapter for Einstein's biography into Japanese and the book was published. Editors clearly thought it was OK.

kintaman said...

I wonder, when the cancer epidemics start to appear in Japan will they people then finally wake up and take out those in power and that media? Will the torches and pitchforks come out then or will they people still sit like fools while they are killed by their government? Does Japan still have any soul or spirit or is it a coward nation like the US? I am ashamed of my country.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

@kintaman, at least in the US enough people are armed with guns...

What's happening in Japan seems like "an escalation of commitment". They've been told a lie after lie and got irradiated for 10 months, so what do they do? They double down. They have some divine mission to miraculously make radioactive materials go away from the mountains and forest, rice paddies and concrete asphalt, and people live happy ever after. "Can do" spirit.

Anonymous said...

To me the most interesting publication was:

This article is also in german (88 pages), maybe there are more german articles unknown to non-germas and worth translating?

Well and this one is significant:

Florian Zschage said...

Hello Viola, hello everybody.

I finally finished the complete translation. You can download it as a PDF file by clicking on the download button with the green arrow following this link:>

Let's hope this and similar news spread fast enough around the world, so that all of us and the Japanese people specifically can learn about the lessons from Belarus and the Ukraine and finally react better to the accident in Fukushima in the coming time.

Greetings from northern germany,

Anonymous said...

Concerning the "proof of anything" comment: We live near Nuclear Power plant "Biblis" in Germany and the son of a friend of mine suffers on neuroblastoma and there is the kikk study on leukemia near NPPs and this is all no "proof of anything" and I'm really glad that Biblis is now closed down.

Anonymous said...

@anon 12:58

It seems the content of the magnum website is more then the pictures. But ... may be you have "better" sources of knowledge...
Then allow me to participate in your wisdom please.
Meanwhile I suggest this documentary:

Put it together with the informations about Dr. Yury Bandazhevsky and try to follow the discussions in the linked threads. We don´t speak about "proof of anything"!
No matter what you or me are believing about the magnum´s pictures, the results of the radiation we will see both. That´s sure.

Florian Zschage said...

PS: Here is a plain TXT version (with all german paragraphs removed) for further editing:


Viola said...

Danke, Florian!
Ich kann das sehr gut gebrauchen für meine Freunde.

Apologies for not having uploaded it - I'm not very familiar with this stuff and simply didn't think of that way to share it.

You only have to see this video and you'll know why there isn't any "official proof":

Plus a lot of info here: and many, many other articles there.

Fact is that the IAEA and the WHO play the most ugly role here.

Concerning Mr. Bandazhevsky: He's no longer in prison, but as far as I know, he's not allowed to work.

Atomfritz said...

"Wow, amazing to see something good coming out of taz again. I stopped reading them a few years ago, because they'd become quite awful. If only they would keep publishing articles like this one."

You should know that for most journalists the taz is perceived only as a launching pad for a career in "established" print media.

There are very few journalists left who still bear the original grassroots mentality.
Most of the smarmy younger journalists in the taz just care about doing nothing which could hinder a later career in MSM, where they actually want to go to.
Many of them end up at the Spiegel, the major German newsmagazine.

Gabriele Goettle (who writes many background essays about ugly things the MSM never report about, like the article about Mrs.Siedentopf) and Hans-Joachim Tenhagen (who is one of the best antinuclear investigative journalists of Germany) are two of the rare exceptions who remained faithful to the original taz idea.
Without the few people like them, the taz would be just one of the many leftist zeitgeist newspapers.

Anonymous said...

Here's a little humor with google translate.

Fukushima Prefectural Federation of Fisheries Co-operative Associations

" We sincerely sympathy to everyone involved of the victims and people in the East earthquake.

平成23年3月11日に発生した「東北地方太平洋沖地震大津波」により、本県漁業関係者は甚大な被害を受けました。 That occurred on 11 March 2011, "oki earthquake tsunami northeastern Pacific Ocean" by prefecture fisheries officials received extensive damage.

さらには東京電力(株)福島第一原子力発電所の事故による放射性物質の漏えいにより、一部地域では避難を強いられ、行方不明となった漁業者や、そのご家族の捜索も制限される状況にあります。 Furthermore, Tokyo Electric Power Company by the leakage of radioactive material by the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident, in some areas were forced to evacuate, and the fishermen were missing, the search is also limited situations where their families be found.

  弊連合会では、震災直後に災害対策本部を設置し、復旧・復興に向けて全力を挙げ対応するとともに、 被災した漁業関係者に対して、義援金による支援を実施する事としました。 Soldiers in the Federation has established a task force immediately after the earthquake disaster, with a corresponding raised towards the restoration and reconstruction committed against victims who were fishermen [ reconstruction committed against victims ??! ] , and we can provide assistance through donations.

  すでに全国の水産関係者様や国民の皆様より暖かい励ましのお言葉や支援の申し出を頂いております。 We have gotten an offer words of encouragement and support from everyone warm [ ? ] and national fisheries officials across the country as now. ここに皆様のご厚意に対し厚くお礼を申し上げます。 We would like to thank everyone here kindly to thicken. [ to thicken ??! ]

  皆様よりご寄付頂きました義援金は、被災した漁業者の復興支援等に使わせて頂きます。 Donations are submitted donations from everyone, like we used to support the reconstruction of the affected fishermen. "

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