Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Emiko Numauchi of Minami Soma, aka "Numayu", Speaks Up, May Testify in the Japan's Diet About Her Health Problems

(UPDATE: In her later post, she says she's receiving taunts and threats again in great numbers, with one of them purportedly from a man living in the same city telling her to leave because she is a disgrace to Minami Soma City. This is so World War II era.)


In her post on 1/5/2012, "Numayu" says her name is Emiko Numauchi, and that she has decided to do an interview with the independent journalist Yasumi Iwakami showing her face to the camera. And it looks she may be giving testimony in the Diet.

She has decided to speak out publicly, no matter what may be coming her way from the government or the detractors.

For her health conditions after the March 11 nuclear accident, see my post on January 2.

The photo is from her Facebook page, when she was still healthy, in the summer of 2011.

From her blog entry on 1/5/2011:

Just now, I spoke with the "true journalist", named Iwakami, on the phone. I realized how "stupid" I had been.

No more "polite" form of speech. I will write in the "regular" speech. Use a search engine [she recommends Yahoo!] for "Emiko Numauchi 沼内 恵美子", and that is me.

It's been six years when I published a novel about "the truth in the battle of Okinawa".

I was overwhelmed by Iwakami's enthusiasm. It seems there are already many cases of mysterious illnesses in Fukushima Prefecture. I am a "living witness", and only a herald to what is to come.

Already, a cat with only one eye has been born.

No matter what the Japanese government may do, no matter what kind of slander it may throw against me, it is important to keep spreading the information. That's what I've learned from the journalist Iwakami.

As the human "life" and "dignity" gets hidden, I hear that malformed babies are born already. The situation in Fukushima Prefecture is getting more dire, with control of speech [or media blackout] as a matter of fact. Without the phone call from Iwakami, I would have simply stopped blogging even though I remain angry.

I made an appointment [with Iwakami] for an interview, with my face shown on camera. I will not speak in an elaborate or circumspect way any more. It will be to the benefit of all Japanese citizens if he shows me as I am.

All the members of the Diet should be replaced. Not the snap election but "replacing the members" is indispensable.

We don't need a cabinet and members of the Diet that are rotten and stink.

In the Diet, I want to tell them how it really is, as a witness. I want to show them the "true soul" of the Japanese people.

Emiko Numauchi

Ms. Numauchi has two books published, searching in


Anonymous said...

Another courageous voice from the wilderness!

Radionuclides may be silent and invisible but
the consequences of exposure to radiation are not - sharing is caring.

"Truth is higher than everything.
But higher still is truthful living."

Courage, love and may the blessings be, sister.

Anonymous said...

Forward with courage, we are behind you Numauchi-san.

Chibaguy said...

She is noble as she is making herself very vunerable but she is telling the truth. She will end up saving lives by coming forward. We know doctors will not do it as they will not get reimburshed.

Numauchi-san is the voice I have been waiting for. Hopefully, people will follow and share their stories.


If you ever get direct contact her please thank he on our behalf. She has a huge following here.

Kathryn55 said...

Thank you for your courage. I pray for your protection. May you be blessed Numauchi-san.
Love from Canada

Alessandro said...

Some Nagasaki tea found radioactive:
have a look at here
sample number 1642.
It's not clear if the tea is from Nagasaki, or if it comes from other prefectures or if it's even blended...

Alessandro said...

Numaichi-san: I deeply understand your frustration. It must drive you crazy. Hold on to your belief. Act like you would, Speak loud you thoughts, be brave.
Stand up for your rights.
Take care.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

@Alessandro, do you see the symbol "<" in front of the numbers? That means the radioactive materials were below detection limit. For practical purposes, that means radioactive iodine and cesium was NOT detected.

That goes for all the numbers you see on the chart. Instead of simply putting ND, the Ministry has started to require putting the detection limit numbers when radioactive materials are not detected.

Anonymous said...

Go to your interview with Iwakami and speak with strength. The world needs to hear your story. This is the time for truth and for the people to use all resources to let it be known. You have our support and deepest regard.
There are journalists like Iwakami and Uesugi doing good work that should be reaching much larger audiences.Iwakami is on UStream which has no translation feature. There are meetings with Uesugi on Youtube which has a dreadful translate feature. Tokyobrowntabby has done some good work translating. If more people could translate/caption these into their native languages and post them, the media blackout becomes harder to maintain,in Japan and the rest of the world.
Take care everyone,

Alessandro said...

laprimavera: thank you very much for the explaination. It makes sense.

Anonymous said...

As someone who has been following this as closely as possible since the beginning I very much appreciate you coming forward with your strong voice.

Thank you for your courage and strength.

I am strange white guy from the US who fell in love with Japan on my first visit and my heart is broken.

I pray for your health and safety. God help us all.

Anonymous said...

I wish, more people would speak out like Emiko Numauchi. However, in Japan it is still the case that the nail that sticks out is hammered in. The three monkeys in Nikko (no hear, see, talk) are a symbol. However, I have to pour a bit of cold water on the fear. I was in May 2011 with a journalist from Munich in Minami Soma, and the value he measured at the city hall was only 66% of that in Munich. He could not believe it and repeated the measurement three times. We were later explained that the wind blew the particles in direction of Koriyama and Fukushima City, while Minami Soma was almost spared. I don't want to play down the dangers of nuclear power, but it will take years before we see real effects on the population. In many cases fear creates the illness and that should be stopped. People should be fully informed and know what they have to expect. But in Japan ....?

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