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(English Translation Part 2) Dörte Siedentopf on Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: "They Haven't Learned Anything from Chernobyl"

Translation Part 1 by the reader Viola is here.

The following is the translation of the remaining part by the reader Florian Zschage.

The original article in German is here.

The Japanese translation is here.


Now i want to talk about the health situation, which is normally not an issue here in Germany. It is important to understand the following: The more time goes by, the more catastrophic the situation for the people and all biological life in the region become. That's what our media and our politicians don't want to see, just as Lukaschenko, who declared the accident a thing of the past.

The hidden mothers

After Chernobyl, multiple 'waves of catastrophe' occurred. The first affected the adults: the Liquidators, the physicians, people who went into the contaminated areas, and the people who lived there. Many of them died of cancer quiet fast. The children were affected from the beginning, too. In the affected regions of Belarus generally there is a general iodine deficiency, because there is no coastline as in Japan. Therefore the radioactive iodine was assimilated massively by the infantiles thyroid glands.

After Chernobyl, the government decided to perform abortions on all pregnant women. But many mothers hid. In the year after the accident, many of those infants had thyroid cancer, too. An illness that was practically nonexistent for children. 4000 cases of thyroid cancer in Belarus are officially confirmed. Those had operations, received radiation therapy and take hormone medication for all their life, to not become cretins. And they would have to get this therapy for free – also for later ocurring dysfunctionalities – until today, 25 years after the accident, but they don’t.

Nowadays in the succeeding generation we observe increased numbers of blood deseases. As we say: CHERNOBYL RAGES IN THE GENES. And that will continue for the next 300 years or so, because Strontium and Caesium has a half-life of 30 years, and as a general rule, after 10 half-life periods, no significant amount of these isotopes remain. That equals seven to eight generations. Plus the plutonium, which has a half-life of 24.000 years. Another problem is radiation induced diabetes for children and adults, especially in infants. A phenomenon that was unknown in the past.

The government buys two kinds of insulin and all have to deal with that. But children need at least a third type of insulin and that type is not available, unless NGOs don't take care of it. These NGOs also take care of the missing but necessary education.There are also eye diseases, opaqueness of the eye lens. And we saw an increase in breast cancer, many died within the first 5 years. One may ask oneself if radiation induced cancer is more aggressive than the "normal" one.

The number of birth deformities also increased. Abortion is a big issue. Contraception costs money, and many people simply can't afford it. That's a big problem. On the other hand, there are many infertile couples. In Kostjukovitschi, 30 % of the couples are sterile involuntarily. Another issue is the increase in malignant tumors that occur ow in 6-, 7-, 8-, 9-year old children. Brain tumors. Bone tumors.

Another big problem: In the contaminated areas, wounds didn't heal properly anymore, it was dramatic. The reason for that is low immunity, because radioactive Strontium is incorporated in the bones and stays there. In the bones, human blood is created, and this way, it is irradiated continously during its formation. In a way, it is like AIDS: Immunisation doesn't work anymore, because no antibodies are generated anymore.Therefore we have an increase of polio, despite immunisation efforts. Same with tuberculosis, the more, because the overall nutrition is bad. Many people watered their vegetables with rain water and they collect mushrooms and berries in autumn, which still are highly contaminated.

Aggrieved cells

The majority of the disabilities in children with mental or corporal handicaps in the region originate in radioactive radiation. One has to understand that the ovaries of women already exist in the woman's own embryonic stadium. A big amount of cells become follicles, around 8 millions of them. All damage that happens to the mother inflicts these cells, too. The placenta has a natural barrier but unfortunately it is this barrier where radioactive particles do accumulate. The damaged egg cells can not be repaired. When a woman is born, there are still around 1-2 millions of them. During puberty, there are still 400.000. And those can be already damaged, when a pregnancy occurs. With all the consequences.

One more thing is important to know: All those genetic damages, the cancer frequency and so on... those all are consequences of LOW DOSE RADIATION, and this is something completely different from the radiation disease of the liquidators. This is a fact that is contantly and continually denied by all persons in charge.

The irradiation of vital organs is caused by incorporated radionuclides. If a cell is damaged, there are four possibilities for the cell. 1.: The cell dies instantaneously. 2.: The functionality of the cell is destroyed. 3. The cell degenerates and cancer occurs. 4.: The cell repairs itself. But this is only possible for adult cells. Cells in embryos have no such repair functions, children cells can't do that either. For them it's all about growing and dividing and only with time, the ability to repair themselves becomes existent. That's one of the crucial factors why children are especially in danger. And this is why all pregnants and all children have to be evacuated from the Fukushima area immediately!

The atomic industry in general is an issue that can't be evaluated properly and finally, because so many economic interests are involved, so much money stands behind it. But what we can judge is that the lobbyists – which include many political and semi-political organizations and their people in charge – are cynically and act upon that attitude. This begins with radiation thresholds. Even in the Ukraine and in Belarus, these limits are lower then here (in Germany).

There is simply no binding independent worldwide authority. At WHO, there is JUST ONE person, who deals with Radiation! But the WHO has nothing to say anyway. When it comes to radiation exposure and its consequences, they are not allowed to say anything. Since a contract was sealed in 1957, it is subordinate to the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) and therefore supresses all reports about the real dangers of radiation. We have to decry all of this. The IPPNW demands that this agreement is dismissed! Maybe the WHO is able to fulfill its first article: to help all peoples to reach the best-possible health status.

The Foodwatch-report of IPPNW (August 2011, German section) states clearly: The determination of limiting values is, in the last consequnce "a decision about the tolerated amount of causualties”.

© 26.12. 2011, taz (Die Tageszeitung)

English translation by Florian Matthias Zschage,
corrected by Dr. Björn Voss
7th of January 2012


Florian Zschage's entire translation can be downloaded at the following links:
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Anonymous said...

This expert is right on! He really makes it clear that TIME MATTERS here!!!

That seems to be how the Russians responded--quickly, automatically and like the Sword of Damocles was swinging for their very necks!!!

By contrast, Japan seems to have no concept of urgency and immediate crisis response!!!--???

They need to call in all forces, accept international aid, work 24/7, and use all possible means & resources to maximize mitigation ASAP!!!

They just don't understand the urgency!! They must get a real plan and execute NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

I find it strange that the Japanese can be so casual and sloppy in dealing with the worst nuke disaster in world history... I always thought they were superior to so many other cultures as to precision, discipline, and executing a design with technology!!

Anonymous said...

Every culture has its own blind spots. Perhaps Japan's consensus-building, conformational cultural style makes it nearly impossible to perceive the need for a sudden, radical change of direction.

Anonymous said...

Chilling account and analysis. Destruction of families: "After Chernobyl, the government decided to perform abortions on all pregnant women". Can you imagine the pain? Early and late abortions --C-Sections for Late Term-terrible. In a way, Japan is doing something similar -- "stillborn"..on purpose if birth-defects per Ex-SKF and ENENEWS posts.

Scott said...

Japan's consensus-building, conformational cultural style makes it nearly impossible to perceive the need for a sudden, radical change of direction.

I believe this is correct. Social and political rigidity makes it difficult for Japan to react properly to an emergency situation.

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