Sunday, January 1, 2012

Plutonium From Fukushima Detected in Lithuania

Not to show that the amounts were significant (they weren't) but to note that plutonium out of the Fukushima reactors did indeed travel far and wide, contrary to many nuclear experts (particularly the kind that live in Japan) have said.

What's more, the authors of the paper seem to think that plutonium came from the spent fuel.

Interesting. Does anyone have access to the full paper?

From (US National Library of Medicine), emphasis is mine:

J Environ Radioact. 2011 Dec 27. [Epub ahead of print]
Radionuclides from the Fukushima accident in the air over Lithuania: measurement and modelling approaches.
Lujanienė G, Byčenkienė S, Povinec PP, Gera M.

Environmental Research Department, SRI Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, Savanoriu 231, 02300 Vilnius, Lithuania.


Analyses of (131)I, (137)Cs and (134)Cs in airborne aerosols were carried out in daily samples in Vilnius, Lithuania after the Fukushima accident during the period of March-April, 2011. The activity concentrations of (131)I and (137)Cs ranged from 12 μBq/m(3) and 1.4 μBq/m(3) to 3700 μBq/m(3) and 1040 μBq/m(3), respectively. The activity concentration of (239,240)Pu in one aerosol sample collected from 23 March to 15 April, 2011 was found to be 44.5 nBq/m(3). The two maxima found in radionuclide concentrations were related to complicated long-range air mass transport from Japan across the Pacific, the North America and the Atlantic Ocean to Central Europe as indicated by modelling. HYSPLIT backward trajectories and meteorological data were applied for interpretation of activity variations of measured radionuclides observed at the site of investigation. (7)Be and (212)Pb activity concentrations and their ratios were used as tracers of vertical transport of air masses. Fukushima data were compared with the data obtained during the Chernobyl accident and in the post Chernobyl period. The activity concentrations of (131)I and (137)Cs were found to be by 4 orders of magnitude lower as compared to the Chernobyl accident. The activity ratio of (134)Cs/(137)Cs was around 1 with small variations only. The activity ratio of (238)Pu/(239,240)Pu in the aerosol sample was 1.2, indicating a presence of the spent fuel of different origin than that of the Chernobyl accident.

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Anonymous said...

The full paper

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Thank you! So they do not elaborate on "a presence of the spent fuel of different origin"... Hmmm.

Atomfritz said...

Very interesting paper.

They have actually to be careful with the conclusions.

Just think of the possibility that some nuclear facility took the chance to blow off some gas/aerosol waste unnoticed while the whole world looked at Fukushima.

Anonymous said...

I cannot access the paper. Please fix link.

a female Faust said...

found a version of the abstract with images, got the images to not be erased by meta-refresh, and posted it as a token of my esteem. happy new year.

a female Faust said...

Ha!! anonymous -- thanks -- i forgot to check if someone else had found it --

a female Faust said...

forgot to post link!! just as well, its better now -- added the above link, but fixed it -- (ha!)

here is the abstract with pics (larger upon click) and here is the above link, fixed.

Anonymous said...


Tony Kuspa said...

Why have we apparently forgotten that MOX fuel rods were used at Fukushima Nukes? Some extremely evil agency decided on SOMEONE"S authority to mix weapon-grade Plutonium with some Uranium Oxide fuel and make Nuclear fuel rods that are now melting/burning in Japan, and could now be causing the extinction of all life on Earth. Plutonium is antithetical to all life on Earth, and we are doing the unthinkable by burning it in our atmosphere so efficiently that every cubic metre of our breathing air will contain ever-increasing levels of the polution that will remain poisonous for millions of years. We need to find out how much Plutonium has been released so we can do the necessary calculation that can approximate how much time the human race before its extinction.
We certainly cannot allow those responsible for this Extinction Event to accelerate the process of eliminating life on Earth, or profiting from their dirty work in any fashion.
Anyone having responsibility for this final Ecocide must surrender all wealth and labor to ease the suffering of of billions of innocents.

Anonymous said...

Well.. You perhaps should start your plutonium calculations from those 5 metric Tons of plutonium that were released to athmosphere during the cold war nuclear tests...

Unknown said...

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