Tuesday, January 3, 2012

OT: GOP Iowa Caucus Is 3-Way Dead Heat

(UPDATE: It looks MSMs and TPTB did their job. Iowa is a virtual tie between Santorum (Santorum?) and Romney. Paul 3rd. Let's see if they still say Iowa doesn't matter.)


among Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul, 23% each with 22% reporting. (CNN)

Much like NHK reporting in the middle of the DPJ leader election in Japan saying the supporters of one candidate would throw their 2nd-round votes to the candidate who eventually won, when there was no such plan, and possibly affecting the people who were undecided, Politico may have done the similar thing in Iowa, saying the last poll before the election showed Rick Santorum in 2nd, way ahead of Ron Paul when in fact it was the other way round.

From Economic Policy Journal (1/3/2012):

HOT: "Error" on Poll Results Put Santorum Ahead of Ron Paul

Run Ron Paul reports:

With just days remaining until the all-important Republican Iowa caucuses, a left-leaning political newspaper based near the nation’s capital made a critical error in reporting the results of the final Des Moines Register opinion poll before voters gather Tuesday.

On Saturday evening Politico incorrectly reported that the poll showed former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum “climbing to second [place] at 21 percent and Ron Paul in third, with 18 percent.” In fact, Paul took second place with 22 percent of the vote. Santorum was third with 15 percent.

The faulty report was issued via email as a “Politico Breaking News” alert. Politico sent a second email shortly afterward with the correct poll results, stipulating that “[t]his breaking news alert corrects a previous breaking news alert...Phone messages left for four top Politico editors were not returned. A fifth, reached by phone, would not speak on the record but promised a return call from someone who would. No such call was received.

They will continue to do anything to thwart the one and only "unelectable" candidate.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking note of this!

Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate, Republican or Dumbocrat in the running that is NOT controlled by the Israel Lobby, aka, the Zionist Power Configuration that has embedded itself in every aspect of American life. Go Ron Paul Go! Don't forget to wear your kevlar undies too because the other side fights very dirty.

no6ody said...

"I don't care who does the electing, so long as I get to do the nominating." William 'Boss' Tweed, a powerful US Rep elected in 1852, Dem

If Ron Paul is legit, I doubt he would have been part of a *very* corrupt system for so long. And, if I am wrong (I hope I am), then there's always this...

"The committee believes, no the basis of the evidence available to it, that President John F. Kennedy was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy. The committee is unable to identify the other gunman or the extent of the conspiracy." Final report, House Select Committee of Assassinations (HSCA) in 1979

Anonymous said...

Never seen grown men and women (of the Dark side) so scared of a single elderly man. Why? Because his ideas and values resonate with the mass of the people. And ideas cannot be stopped, especially ideas whose time have come.

Someone mentioned that it Ron Paul were legitimate, it's doubtful he would have been a part of the utterly corrupt system for so long. But think of him as a whistle-blower. A whistle-blower can only be a whistle-blower because he or she was part of the organization and has first-hand knowledge of the things going on. In the same way, Ron Paul knows the system, and he knows it's hopelessly corrupt. And he is blowing the whistle for the whole world to hear and to see. The Dark side can hide no more...

gr81 said...

Ron Paul 2012!!!!!!!!!

The ONLY answer!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Some factoids and opinion:

I don't think Ron Paul is perfect (he may be a Free Mason) and I don't necessarily agree with Austrian Economics or all of his policies, but the difference between Ron Paul and the rest of the mainstream (.01 percenters) Repugnantkins and Dumbocrats is Shining Knight vs Black Rain;

There is ample evidence and reason to believe that Ron Paul actually won the Iowa Caucus, but the votes were stolen: See Bev Harris, Black Box Voting;

Miffed Rob-thee is worth a quarter billion dollars and one of the architects of the modern corporation, whereby corporations steal from the needy and give to the greedy (see Matt Taibbi

Obama has done nothing but grow the federal government creating lots of new ways to waste taxpayer money while giving billions to Israel and fighting their wars for them, and bailing out Wall Street to the tune of tens of trillions of dollars.

Ron Paul being in the race is good since every time he opens his mouth he exposes the total depravity and corruption of what has become an amoral and psychopathic empire on crack.

Concrete man

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