Monday, January 2, 2012

0.5 Microsievert/Hr Radiation on Tohoku Shinkansen (Bullet Train) Trip To Fukushima

Inside the train car, the radiation starts to go up once the train enters Fukushima Prefecture from Sendai City in Miyagi Prefecture. The survey meter is at 0.1 microsievert/hour when the video starts, and goes up to about 0.5 microsievert/hour in about 5 minutes right before the train goes in the tunnel.

The person who posted this video on Youtube writes the highest was 0.9 microsievert/hour which is not shown in the video.

Remember JR East's "Must Go Now Or Never" campaign to bring young tourists to Fukushima? Did they say anything about radiation on board Shinkansen?


Anonymous said...

A bit OT, but ... do you have any idea what that bright light is that's showing on the TEPCO webcam now?

Iklan Baris Gratis said...

Ikut menyimak artikelnya Gun :-)
Silahkan mampir2 juga ke Web saya: Iklan Baris Gratis .

Salam Outbound !

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that it doesn't start from Shin Shirakawa. That is where you start to enter the fallout on the Tohoku Shinkansen. In May I went to Fukushima and changed to the local line in Koriyama. Around the station my iphone would barely work and when I called my wife there was nothing but static. Here is my point, I have had cancer and have had several CT/PET scans in the past and after each one of them I would hear the same static while using any cell phone.

Anonymous said...


I am sorry, I thought the train was going north. I know understand it was on its way to Tokyo. If this is a legit video, the gamma rays are serious.

Morbid said...

"the gamma rays are serious"

Either that or pollen season is early. Hope all are wearing masks...

On the other hand why bother with the mask - it only delays the gloomy end.

Atomfritz said...

This video is very instructive as it shows how quickly the radiation dose changes when you move in an area with many radiation hotspots.

The actual radiation is probably higher because when you walk around you are not shielded by a train.
You always need a dosimeter to make sure that you dont pick the wrong place for picnicking, for example.

So I have a suggestion to JR East and the Japanese Tourist Ministry:
Make "hotspot finding contests" and reward prizes.
I am sure many adventurous "nukeluber" tourists would rush to Fukushima and clog the hotels there...

paul said...

Thank you for all your work throughout 2011....I have your feed on

one thing though, I cannot find any reference to it former (ex) SKF? What does it mean? said...

Just found this video that seems very important but needs a translation.

Truth of Fukushima -Who is a criminal?

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