Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Video of Birds That Don't Fly, in June 2011 Somewhere in Fukushima

A video posted by a resident somewhere in Fukushima Prefecture in June last year shows two birds in his/her front garden unable or unwilling to fly even when approached by a human.

The video was uploaded by MAYODORA in June 2011; it was posted at GeorgeBowWow's blog on December 23, 2011 (his blog is in Japanese only). GeorgeBowWow thinks the birds may be affected by radiation. The bird (bulbul) in the beginning of the video dropped from the persimmon tree, MAYODORA writes in the Youtube description of the video. MAYODORA says he/she measured radiation on the bird with his/her survey meterand it was rather high.

No information as to what happened to those birds afterwards.

Clearly the comment section of the video on Youtube was trashed, and commenting has been disabled.


Atomfritz said...

When the accident happened and plants were poisoned, later the plants and their fruit were eaten by animals.

Some animals threw a bad dice and ate stuff from very hot hotspots.
Most of these animals die unnoticed, after they accumulated a deadly radiation dose over time.
Far away from human settlements.

These birds in the video might be a rare exception.

Grigori Medvedev visited Pripyat several times in the immediate aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster.
He measured doses above 50 Roentgen (= 0.5 Sv !) on the skin of pigs running around freely in the city, which were apparently heavily affected by radiation sickness.
(source: )

So there is reason to assume that there was (and is) quite some suffering in the animals' realm which goes on mostly unnoticed.

Anonymous said...

These birds are very sick to allow a human to pick them up. Close to death. Wonder if the birds died--might be a good question to ask the video author.

Anonymous said...

Did you see that account recently of the pigs of Chernobyl charging the car, hitting it so forcefully they almost dumped it in the ditch?

Think it was enews.

Anonymous said...

During the summer, late in the afternoon,on many days, the birds could be seen at the plant.
Down south they began checking in September.
For those interested David DeSante did a study on bird populations in the year after Chernobyl.
Maybe Michio Masuda is already working on this in Japan?

Anonymous said...

The early bird catches the worm.

What's the deal with the humble worm?

Are they suprisingly resilient to disintegrating 'elements'?

Anonymous said...

Saw a pigeon in Sendagaya, Shibuya ward Tokyo last week with the same problem. It was just sitting on the pavement and would not move... First time to see such a sick bird.

Morgaine said...

Of course, the problems with the birds may be due to radiation exposure. Enough time has passed since the initial incident that these birds could have not even been formed in the egg yet, and could have taken on some genetic-code problems from the parents, which could now carry permanent genetic mutations which they will pass on to future generations.

However, I just want to mention another possibility.

I live in California. There is a native shrub here named "Toyon" or "Christmasberry" (Latin: Heteromeles arbutifolia). It has abundant bright-red berries starting in December (winter here).

If the berries ferment while still on the Toyon, and the birds eat them, they sometimes get drunk. I've seen them actually fall right off branches.

I mention this because the birds were on persimmon trees. If there is fermented fruit on the tree or ground, the birds may be getting alcohol from it...thus, their inability to walk or fly away from humans.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

@morgaine, the video was shot in June. No persimmon fruiting yet.

Anonymous said...

i wonder - do plants -animals have the ability to hate humans?

Anonymous said...

Humans did this. Wow we're irresponsible and stupid. I'm ashamed.

Anonymous said...

Birds fly in and out of the sarcophagus at Chernobyl which has large openings. Also, the Russian teams investigating the meltdown went into the sarcophagus basement. Certainly these animals do not immediately drop dead despite the radiation exposure. What has been observed is alot of mutation in birds around Chernobyl, and abnormally high birth defects, heart disease, thyroid problems, and cancer in humans. What has happened and will happen in Japan is a long lasting rise in health problems due to radiation exposure, while many people appear OK. It is kind of like playing Russian roulette to live in elevated background radiation above natural levels in which complex biology evolved. What is indisputable is that the health problems in Belaruss and Ukraine cost those societies alot of their GDP every single year, decades later, and the fuel load at Daiichi was ten times that at Chernobyl. I would like to know, exactly how much of the fuel at Daiichi has melted? All of it? If you have to live in contaminated surroundings, do you take comfort that many people still look and feel normal and that therefore the odds of losing at Russian roulette are in your favor?
Just going back in Japan's nuclear history, we can see the strong desire of 'national leaders' to promote nuclear power for manufacturing and even weapons until that was disallowed. People have been downplaying harm by radiation since Madame Curie fried her hand.
I have had my posts censored at Fukushima Diary and I would like to thank ultraman here for maintaining an open forum.
So far all my analysis and predictions have been proven correct regarding the disaster at Fukushima. I don't think you can go wrong by looking at hard evidence from Chernobyl on animal mutations there and draw your own conclusions as to what the future will bring to the noble Japanese genome. I wish you all well and that you will face your situation with realism and use whatever genius you do still possess to bury not only the entire site at Daiichi but all the rest of your nuclear industry including all its reactors and fuel storage. Get the hell out of nuclear power production and basing the US nuclear forces ASAP and you will have the best shot at surviving this mess with integrity and purpose. Good luck my friends.

Anonymous said...

Fukushima was a planned disaster. You don't build nuclear power plants on the most active volcanic area on earth unless you expect there to be a disaster. The global elite are thinning the herd.

Dr Goodheart said...

Chernobyl, TMI, Fukushima, US Bird Radiation Studies Plus Results; Via @AGreenRoad

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