Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Farce to Restart Ooi Nuke Plant Proceeds, All-Clear Expected on June 15

The farcical official ceremony to restart a nuclear power plant that does not have an earthquake-proof building like Fukushima I Nuke Plant and which possibly sits on top of an active fault or two on the coast of Fukui Prefecture continues, in complete disregard for the "small people".

From Jiji Tsushin (6/14/2012), we learn that:

  • Fukui Prefectural Assembly met on June 14, and the whole assembly (except for the Japan Communist Party members and unaffiliated members) deferred to the governor of Fukui Issei Nishikawa to make the final decision of the restart.

  • Ooi-cho's Mayor Shinobu Tokioka agreed to the restart, and cited 5 (non-)reasons why he was in favor of the restart to the municipal assembly. They were 1) Prime Mnister Noda made a speech to the citizens of Japan about the necessity of the Ooi restart; 2) Experts in the prefecture said it would be safe; 3) There would be a special surveillance system; 4) The Ooi-cho assembly had agreed to the restart; 5) His town had a responsibility to provide electricity to Kansai Region.

According to the same Jiji Tsushin news, the next stage of the ceremony will include:
  1. The governor of Fukui will ceremoniously confer with the mayor of Ooi-cho, to confirm the mayor's intention of the plant restart.

  2. The governor will then seek further assurance for safety from KEPCO.

  3. KEPCO will tell the governor the plant will be safe.

  4. The governor will tell the national government that he will agree to the restart.

  5. The prime minister will declare the restart. [Remember, he is restarting the plant for the sake of the Japanese citizens.]

So the grand finale will be on Friday, June 15, right before Noda departs for Mexico for the G20 meeting, whether the residents of Japan like it or not.

As a gesture to further placate the unreasonable citizenry who demand no nuclear plant restart, the Diet will pass a legislation, also on June 15, which was concocted behind the closed door by the non-official officials of the leading parties (DPJ, LDP and Komei Party). The legislation will create a new government council on nuclear disaster prevention whose members will include all the cabinet ministers.

Also from Jiji Tsushin (6/14/2012):


DPJ, LDP, Komei agreed on the legislation on nuclear regulatory organizations that would newly create "Nuclear Disaster Prevention Council"


On June 14, DPJ, LDP, Komei came to the final agreement on the legislation to create the new organizations in charge of nuclear safety. As the nuclear disaster prevention organization in peacetime, "Nuclear Disaster Prevention Council" will be newly created, with the prime minister at its head and made up of all the cabinet ministers. Now that the parties have agreed, it will be proposed as "legislation by Diet members" and is expected to pass the Lower House on June 15.


Creation of the Council was discussed and agreed on by DPJ's Yoshito Sengoku (Acting chairman of the Policy Research Council), LDP's Yoshimasa Hayashi (Acting chairman of the Policy Research Council), and Komei's Tetsuo Saito (Acting Chief Secretary) inside the Diet building on June 14.

Ummm. The government had a similar committee already at the time of the Fukushima I Nuke Plant accident. It miserably failed. So what do the true-blue politicians do? Do it again of course. Maybe the next time will be different!

If you are in Tokyo or Osaka on June 15, you can join the demonstrations at the Prime Minister's Official Residence (Tokyo) or KEPCO's headquarters (Osaka City) at 6PM. For more, see my previous post.


Anonymous said...

The lack of empathy in these leaders absolutely astounds me. After hearing the stories of the Fukushima women in Tabby's videos, it is inhuman to call nuclear power "cheap." It is inhuman to even propose restarting a reactor - regardless of the economic consequences. If they had any humanity at all, these so-called leaders would listen to the concerns of TEPCO's victims and act according to their wishes.

But take heart my friends. We are right and we will someday be proven correct.

If we cannot change the minds of these current inhuman "leaders", let's try to get the right government in place before the next meltdown happens.

I do hope those brave, beautiful ladies from Fukushima, and some of the people who evacuated to far flung places across Japan will run for public office. Ladies - Please don't let your lack of experience or training dissuade you. Everyone has weaknesses. What you would bring to the Diet more than compensates for whatever skill or training you might be lacking. Please get involved and run for office.

Please also visit your local DPJ offices and let them know your anger and frustration. Make sure all DPJ members are held accountable for the monsters they have placed in leadership positions. DPJ created them. DPJ put them in leadership positions, and DPJ is not controlling them. The DPJ itself should be doing much more to stop these reactors from restarting.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter what disaster it is, politicians are so brain-dead that they'd react the same way every time.

You know, I always heard people saying "politics has no effect on our daily lives!" a while back. I wonder if those people all still truly believe that now, what with the world falling apart everywhere around us...

Anonymous said...

anon 11:47:

Do you really want those "brave, beautiful ladies" to waste their time wrestling with the poli-pigs? Success in the 'system' is linked with Business As Usual, and that's what needs to change. Poli-pigs are not there to help anyone unless they are wealthy. The DPJ (whatever that is) is part of the system that restarted Ooi and allowed Fuku. The DPJ is part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

A restart of any nukes will be the end of Japan as you know it. Poison and bankrupt for generations after the next meltdown. Stop it and peacefully block any restart now. Now is the time people!

Anonymous said...

sorry to be the bringer of bad news but the time has passed and the criminally insane government of japan are up to historically old tricks, riding roughshod over people to further their own greed and save face, japan is in a worse situation than Europe now .... Europe is financially finished whereas japan is politically and morally finished.... its over in japan

Chibaguy said...

I am staying at an house that has an average of 0.8 uSv/hr thanks to the energy policy in Japan. I am saying goodbye to Fukushima for a long time. If anyone wants to know really what happens when nuclear goes wrong I have a long story to tell you. Let's just say it destroys families and land along with wild life. Anyone that has ever workEd with a thing called CAPA would understand that restarting a reactor under an active fault while three coriums dig under is insane. I would give Japan 30 years to address all the lies and coverups before I would allow them to restart reactors. How many freaking reactors are offline due to earthquakes? As we all know it does not take a tsunami to create a meltdown. If you want to live as you do now the smartest decision is to make sure they are not restarted. They just add to excuses for wasting energy. If you would like a big clock in front of your station indication radiation levels you are welcome to come to Fukushima and try it.

Block Noda's plane. Japan will not be a part of these summits in years to come as the economy will die. It is already on a lifeline and we have idiots in power. Time to start over while saving the kids. Lesson learned and humans lost.

Anonymous said...

The reactors all over Japan will be restarted that is without a doubt because japan has an insane elite who are running the show and its the very same people who got rich and into powerful positions because they were pro nuke and allowed Tepcunt to take control..... Japan needs massive civil unrest to get back to what would be considered a normal country..... most people in japan are braindead and couldnt give a damn about the cover ups and lies so it will all perpetuate until it collapses....end of rant..

Anonymous said...

Same thing would happen anywhere else, and mark my words, it WILL happen if certain countries pushing for World War 3 amidst the economic meltdown doesn't get us first.

Actually, nuclear power plants will be likely targets if a world war takes place... they already tried to screw with them by using computer viruses.

Anonymous said...

Do not fret when wicked men seem to succeed! Do not envy evildoers! For they will quickly dry up like grass, and wither away like plants.

Have faith.

enoughalready45 said...

Protest in Chicago! To coincide with protests in Tokyo & Osaka.

Protest Restart of Japan’s Ohi Nuclear Plant
Chicago, Illinois USA
June 15, 2012, Friday

11am – 1pm

Japanese Consulate
Near corner of Michigan Ave. & Chicago Ave.

The address of the consulate is 737 N. Michigan Ave.

The actual entrance to the building is on Chicago Ave. closer to the corner of Michigan Ave. & Chicago Ave.

We will protest on that corner or just a few hundred feet East of there in front of the actual building entrance (which is on Chicago Ave. ) where the Japanese Consulate is located.

Make and bring a sign if you can, we may have extras.

“Please note that we wish these protests to be absolutely civil and peaceful, and to fully observe the sovereign rights of the Japanese embassies.”

Questions Contact:

3411 W. Diversey #16
Chicago, IL 60647

Anonymous said...

Thank you CHICAGO!

Anonymous said...

Power to you in Chicago!

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