Saturday, June 16, 2012

Video of June 15 Protest in Front of PM Official Residence in Tokyo

This is one of many taken by protesters and independent media on Friday, June 15, 2012.

This particular video was linked to the comment section of this blog by 'Janick'. It was also embedded in a tweet by Hiroko Tabuchi, New York Times reporter in Tokyo. (I hope she didn't get into trouble with the bureau chief for tweeting the June 15 event.)

Here's another:

For more videos of the event, go to this blog.


Anonymous said...

it is their country ... so no comment.
but still: that's so cool!

Maju said...

What's that they cry all the time? "Saikatolo...something"?

In any case, very cool to see that the Japanese People are finally waking up.

Atomfritz said...

This makes me so happy to see.
Thank you to all those who stood up, awakening more and more people.
Thank you to all the people who spread the word, Ex-SKF and all the others.

JAnonymous said...

They are shouting "saikadou hantai" which means roughly "we are against restart".

As for Janick, she is from the French branch of the European green party, hi Janick :)

Maju said...

Thanks, JA.

Johntaro said...
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Johntaro said...

Outside of the Asahi Shinbum article citing a crowd of 400 on Friday morning, has this been reported at all in the Japanese media? It seems as if all the news outlets have every single one of their cameras solely riveted to the empty chair where the last wanted fugitive from the 1995 Tokyo subway attack was found hiding in plain sight on Friday afternoon. His capture is a very big story deserving media attention but so is one of Japan's biggest anti-nuke protests this year (perhaps ever) occurring on the eve of the government's announcement of its decision to restart their nuclear engines. As the media spotlight has shifted it has left the Noda Administration all alone to work in the shadows and enabled them to virtually hide any opposition to their nuclear energy policy in plain sight.

m a x l i said...

Impressiv! Very powerful demonstration! A had to watch it a few times. I am very happy to see this.

I have a history of taking part in many demonstrations for many weeks, for many long (cold and rainy) evenings. I do not remember it being that angry and energy loaded - and still we managed to arse-kick the senile stalinist clique ruling our country since 4 decades and after a short time we made the berlin wall come down, could travel the world freely, had free elections, democracy... well, sort of!

Janick in Japan said...

Hi, my friends ! Thank you JAnonymous at 3:54 for introducing me and thank you EX-SKF for worrying for me ! So far I did not have any problem concerning the video. I usually send information about antinuke demonstrations to my French friends here in Tokyo and took part in so many demonstrations already that I stopped counting long ago.Let's continue fighting and exchanging ideas for better and possibly bigger demonstrations. I have been living in Japan longer than in my own country and, along with my Japanese friends and family, wish to keep Japan on its feet without the nuclear madness.
Let's keep going!

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