Saturday, June 16, 2012

(What Kind of Joke Is This?) Japanese Mainstream Media Report on June 16 Protest Against Ooi Restart, Pretend As If 11,000-Strong Protest on June 15 Never Happened

(UPDATED, with Asahi and New York Times join their colleagues.)

They must be feeling safe to report, because the scale of the protest was much smaller in the morning of June 16. 300 to 400 people showed up in the rain to protest the ministerial meeting that PM Noda was having at that time.

The Japanese mainstream media show no embarrassment for not having reported anything at all on the June 15 protest of 11,000 people. None of them even say there was a protest on June 15.

Who are they kidding? Majority of Japanese people whose sources of news are still traditional newspapers and TV, and/or who would rather not hear anything combative like a protest against a government policy.

TBS Television:

Nikkei Shinbun:

Jiji Tsushin:

NHK News:

Mainichi Shinbun:

(UPDATE) Asahi Shinbun just joined:

Reuters is one of the very few news outlets worldwide who reported on the June 15 protest that drew 11,000 people:

...But the decision risks a backlash from a public deeply concerned about nuclear safety. As many as 10,000 demonstrators gathered outside Noda's office on Friday night amid a heavy police presence to denounce the restarts, urging the premier to step down and shouting "Lives matter more than the economy."

I heard that BBC also reported in the news program, but I haven't found it myself.

(UPDATE) New York Times joins the Japanese colleagues by only mentioning June 16 protest. See my post.


Anonymous said...

Media (non)coverage that any dictatorship can envy!

Beppe said...

NHK aired the meeting between Fukui ken governor and prime minister Noda and the few ministers involved in the restart of the Ooi npp.
When announcing his decision to restart the Ooi reactors Noda seemed to make quite an effort to avoid smiling openly, several times.
I could not help feeling some disgust while looking at this man that seemed incapable to hide his satisfation while putting again at stake the other half of his country.

Henry said...

This is a totalitarian police-state, worse than any other, because its the sheople themselves who are indoctrinated by the brain-washing "education" (social control) system to be each others' Big Brother, worse than soviet russia, the stasi, north korea - policed by fear of shame and fear of "causing trouble". Japan is an abomi-nation. In a country of tatami, how come theres so many carpets to sweep things under. Oh, and by the way, Noda is schedule-obsessed: he had to announce a state of cold-shutdown by Dec 16 last year (remember?) to fit in with the new year hols, and he has to announce a , not-so-cold, re-opening of the reactors before he swans off to the G8, or G20, or wotever, and puts on a silly shirt in Mexico.

Chibaguy said...

I do believe the most ignorant of people are puppets in power. Starting two reactors means nothing for the economy. It is a slap in the face of the people of Kanto and Tohoku (excluding the foreigners here in denial). If these idiots in power could only focus as much energy trying to figure out where three cores went and how to stop the constant radiation leakage we may have made progress. I am actually speechless that we have so many people in power that are absolute trash while the populace for the most part just sits back and takes it. Again, worst country to have a nuclear crisis.

Anonymous said...

@Henry, yep exactly total fascism and worse than soviet russia, japan is run by total psycopaths , sick fucks who couldnt care less about the people... japan needs another meltdown to shake people up out of their docile maybe the decision to restart the reactors is good for the proles in the long run... wake up time..

Anonymous said...

@Chibaguy, good point , most foreigners over here are in total denial and going along with the bullshit served up, very sad sight to see really...and yes most japanese sit back and take all the shit ...only today someone said to me "shikata nai des" 仕方が無い means nothing can be done... total fucking apathy from the japanese... idiots

CaptD said...

The really sad thing is that the rest of the Planet is breathing Japans radioactive pollution and for the most part they seem to enjoy it!

What is happening to the Japanese people is happening to US; where are our protests and rallies?

Anonymous said...

I think it is not a matter of nationality, it is happening everywhere, all over the world, or at least in all those countries where embedded media prevails...wherever the media don't report or report everything is OK, people tend not to care anymore, because they trust the stupid media system as it has been for decades.
It is not only the Japanese who are idiots, it is worldwide population. And, to say the truth, I am also starting thinking "shikata nai des"! There would have been measures to take in order to prevent, or at least to minimise the effects as soon as 3/11 happened, but now...really dont know what can be done, apart from individual solutions of evacuation.
Governments everywhere started to act against citizens or despite people's protests, didn't you notice that? I don't think things would have been different if the disaster happened in another country.

Anonymous said...

"only today someone said to me "shikata nai des" 仕方が無い means nothing can be done... total fucking apathy from the japanese... idiots"

Just because Tepco and Jap Govt cannot do anything RIGHT does NOT mean others will be in the same position!. Such ignorance is preventing the affected from being saved by other groups/organizations from other parts of the world who CAN help but prevented by the Jap Govt. Now Noda is in G20 talking about more ways of subjugation/lies to people and colluding with other evil world leaders. It is time normal people kick these murdering bastards OUT and outcast them from society, These are parasites!.

Anonymous said...

yeah the shikata nai comment was when i asked the person what they thought of the restart of the Fukui reactor... if everyone thought shikata nai then we would have no protests and we would all be subjugated,, ....oh, hang on we are bloody subjugated forgot about that.... maybe the shit happening in japan is a template for the world and the state of things to come..... amazing how a bit of smart PUblic Relations can turn an event worse than Chernobyl into a " well radiation isnt that bad, lets have some more sushi" situation with kids cleaning up their radioactive schoolyards in fukushima........

i better stop ranting now..

Anonymous said...

Where is the largest miner of uranium located? Canada. Who is it? Cameco. How did Germans in the Black Forest shut down a nuke plant? Block the train delivering the uranium. Where does most of the uranium headed to Asia pass through? Train from the Canadian Praries to Port of Vancouver.

Protests being organized. Will update.

Anonymous said...

Mainstream media everywhere has always been slow and useless (except on 9/11, which they sure were quick to broadcast globally).

I know one guy who thinks I'm insane for suggesting that mainstream media is less reliable than combining information from multiple non-mainstream sources. He's one of the people I couldn't convince to avoid Japan, as he loves to go and eat the food there.

When I linked him this blog, he said this blog is questionable because it sourced Japanese newspapers that have made mistakes before. I think he still believes that Japan is completely safe and that there is no danger.

I know a few other people who recently decided to travel to Japan, thinking that they're smart by not going to Fukushima. They don't seem to realise that the contamination affects virtually if not all of Japan.

Anonymous said...

Time for some Japanese patriots to sharpen their 刀。

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

>When I linked him this blog, he said this blog is questionable because it sourced Japanese newspapers that have made mistakes before.

That's very funny. Almost all of the Japanese newspapers I source are big-time mainstream that your friend should love.

Atomfritz said...

This press behavior is so similar to the GDR (communist East Germany) state media which didn't mention the large "Montagsdemonstrationen" with any single word, as if they didn't happen at all.

However, such manipulative tricks didn't save the Communist regime from toppling.

itsfukncommunism said...

I said it first, don't copy me

Anonymous said...

kill your government now!!!!!!!!!
you're all already dead, just do it


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