Thursday, June 14, 2012

Videos of Quince No.2 in Reactor 2 Bldg Survey on 6/13/2012: Meeting Quince No.1, Finding 880 Millisieverts/hr Spot

Video No.1: Quince No.2 encounters Quince No.1, stranded there since October last year. The radiation level is about 10 millisieverts/hour. So by now, Quince No.1 may have had about 57 sieverts of cumulative radiation exposure...

Video No.11: Quince No.2 finds 880 millisieverts/hour radiation spot, right above the reactor (4 minutes 12 seconds into the video). As the robot steps onto the area above the top of the reactor, the radiation levels rise very rapidly:

Again, Quince's path and the air dose levels on the 5th floor of Reactor 2:

For the rest of the videos, go to TEPCO's website, here.


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