Friday, June 15, 2012

June 15 Protest Against Ooi Nuke Plant Restart, in Front of PM's Official Residence in Tokyo

It will start in about 45 minutes (at 6PM). Tokyo Brown Tabby just sent me a note on the way to the Prime Minister's Official Residence in central Tokyo. Tabby's blog will be updated from the cellphone. If you read Japanese, the blog is here. 

(I've just checked TBT's blog, and it's bilingual, at least the latest post is.)

Meanwhile, the official ceremony to restart Ooi Nuclear Power Plant for the sake of the Japanese citizens (whose voices don't count unless it is in elections) continues.

Jiji Tsushin reports that the governor of Fukui met with the president of KEPCO the plant operator, and the governor was very satisfied with the KEPCO president's "determination to try to make the safe operation the first priority" (安全運転を最優先するよう努める). KEPCO says it will try, and the governor is impressed.

Governor Nishikawa will meet with Prime Minister Noda in the morning of June 16, and the restart will be formally decided after the prime minister confer with his three ministers.


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed too that the nuclear mura still has this much power.
Or is there an even bigger 'power' behind all this? It's all very fishy. Follow the money! Who has the most benefit to start those 'death machines'?
The army ? USA ? Who is behind of all this. It can not be the Japanese goverment, they are just mere puppets, filling their own pocket with bribes and corruption.
'The man behind the curtain', as they say in Japan, is just a middle man between the politians and ... ???

Anyone any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Anon@3:02: It's Satan of course. Same Prince of Darkness who has been menacing humanity for millenia.

Nuclear power is evil. Any technology of man that can pervert the rain, to make the rain poison the soil and at the same time warp the DNA of seeds - any technology such as this is about as evil as you can get. It corrupts the very basis of civilization - the farms that enabled mankind to grow beyond hunters/gatherers and to start building great civilizations.

Nuclear power destroys the very foundation of civilization. It is as evil as anything else on God's good earth. It simply must be the work of Satan.

Anonymous said...


Satan must have a real name. For me, religion is a cheap diversion from the real issues.

So the question remains; who is/are this satan?

Who ever came up with this idea of nuclear power, must have known all of this. Or at least, did found out after some time. Einstein already predicted that nuclear power would kill humanity. So why keep going on ?

Any ideas why ?

Chibaguy said...

@all, let's say there is Satan, what would it create to destroy humanity? Nuclear bomb making technology is the answer. Without it we would have a lot more land to live on. Let me rephase it, take all the seven deadly sins and ask yourself how many of these have to do with nuclear?? Anyway, preaching to the choir. I do not care what religion you are not, nuclear is used to kill and not heat water. We are all in the same boat. Can we unite? I do not know.

Anonymous said...

Simple, its greed total greed and sociopath politicians all on the make, ....throw some blind ingnorance in also and we have pro nuke people selling the world down the river, then roll out the media propaganda machine where the media is in the pay of the nuke companies, the masses dont stand a chance and submit to the barrage of brainwashing that nuclear is clean and good.... Japan doesnt stand a chance and all those reactors will be switched on again very soon...

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it already established that the US or some nuclear energy group was pressuring/threatening Japan to not drop nuclear power? I forget exactly who it was or where it was written, but I'm certain I saw such an article.

m a x l i said...

You can call it evil or Satan or sociopath, the name I prefer is psychopath.

If we want to solve the problems that are destroying human society and life on our beautiful and only planet we will never succeed if we do not face up to the fact that there is a minority walking amongst us humans which is so hugely different from most of us--a difference far greater than there ever was between genders, races or cultures.

Psychopaths are literally evil. They take pleasure in destroying other people's lives, in violence and destruction. They are not able to our emotions like empathy, love or angst. They notoriously lie all the time and are often masters in charming and manipulating us. They see themselves as grandiose superior beings. They have limited cognitive capabilities. They live in the present and do not have a concept of "future" - meaning they are very bad at imagining what could follow tomorrow as a consequence of what they are doing today; and they do not have a concept of "past" - meaning they do not learn from mistakes in the past. In their delusional imagination they are perfect and never make mistakes. If you point your finger at their misdeeds, they never show insight or regret, but will always find a reason to blame you ore anyone else for all that goes wrong. You can often recognise them by their strange thought-constructs expressed in strange, rather primitive, speech-constructs. I could go on and on here... Look it up in the internet!

We have organised our society in a way that psychopath will easily and preferably rise to the top in corporations, banks, politics, education... and hold a lot of the positions of power. And I am convinced the nuclear industry has an exceptionally high density of that species. The nuclear industry is a biotope for psychopath--like a swamp is for mosquitos.

There exists a checklist of ten questions which help to diagnose who is a psychopath. You should not start to diagnose people around you, unless you are a physician or psychologist. But for sure as an amateur you are allowed to get informed as best as you can and to have an opinion.

When you start to read about psychopaths, you probably will immediately remember all the pro-nuclear "arguments" you have read or heard in discussions and articles in the last 15 months or longer. Find out for yourself if it fits together and explains anything!

Have fun! It's an interesting journey into the darkness.

Anonymous said...


'We are constantly being told about a 'permissible amount of radiation.' Who permitted it? Who has any right to permit it?'
-Albert Schweitzer

'Nothing is more arrogant than pronouncements by government officials about "permissible levels" of radioactive poisons in the human body. The proper amount of strontium 90 in the human body is no strontium 90.'
-Norman Cousins

'So it began to dawn on me that the government and the scientists were in a conspiracy of silence. They have deliberately lied, falsified documents, suppressed arguments and prevented people from testifying. They did this because they're afraid that people will exert political pressures that would force an end to bomb testing, if they ever found out...So you see, the necessity to lie about the effects of nuclear weapons also forced them to lie about the effects of nuclear reactors for peaceful purposes.'
-Ernest Sternglass

One Year and Three Months Since Fukushim
June 11, 2012 (15 months after 3/11)

Nuclear Crimes - The Book

Beppe said...

Japan has been recently blamed internationally for stockpiling plutonium.
The so called nuclear cycle (Monju, Super Phoenix) ends up with MORE plutonium than you get out of just using uranium.
Reprocessing nuclear fuel costs MORE than just burying it and use fresh one instead.
Electric utilities in Japan operate as a monopoly and are GUARANTEED a profit as a percentage of their costs, hence they have an incentive at inflating costs.
Electric utilities PROFITS go to shareholders and bondholders; losses are absorbed by the taxpayer (Tepco bailout) and their customers (rate hike).
Large CORPORATIONS get contracts for nuclear plants that are seldom delivered on budget and on time.
Dr. Stranamore was an amateur that just could not think big.

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