Thursday, June 14, 2012

#Radioactive Japan: Professor Mori Suspects Deformity of Cedar in Ibaraki Prefecture May Be Due to Radiation Exposure

Dr. Satoshi Mori, professor emeritus at Tokyo University (Faculty of Agriculture), has the photographs of male and female flowers of a cedar tree that he collected this year in Hitachinaka City in Ibaraki Prefecture. The city is located at about 120 kilometers from Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant.

Cedar is simultaneously monoecious - i.e. bearing separate flowers of both sexes at the same time. Professor Mori explains that some branches bear only male flowers while others bear only female flowers.

But what he found in the cedar tree in Hitachinaka City was asymmetrical, malformed branches with both male and female flowers.

From Professor Mori's blog (6/15/2012):

First, these are what the normal cedar flowers should look like. Note the beautiful symmetry in both:

Male flowers:

Female flowers:

Now, cedar branches he found in Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki Prefecture:

Male flowers growing on top and at the bottom of a female flower:

Female flowers were the odd ones out, Professor Mori says, because this branch was supposed to bear male flowers:

Symmetry is totally lost in this different male branch:

Callus in the center, with necrosis of male flowers (upper part):

Professor Mori suspects that the growing point of the cedar tree was irradiated, and that resulted in the developmental anomalies you see in these photos. He says more samples are needed to definitely conclude the anomalies are the result of irradiation.

Professor Mori has been studying the effect of radiation from the Fukushima accident on wild life by actually going to the affected, high-radiation areas including Iitate-mura in Fukushima and collecting samples - spiders, earthworms, dragon flies, cedars, etc. For more of his observations that I have covered, see these posts.



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TechDud said...

Thank you, Professor Mori. I have learned something new today.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I'm not a botanist, but I'm wondering if the plants I have at home (Chuo-ku) are not having similar problems.

One fern is having leaves turning around the petioles instead of being all on the same plan.

Another plant is having one flower with five petals instead of six.

Lastly, a green plant (from Okinawa), had some non uniformally grown leaves (leaves were bended, as if parts of the leaves were growing slower).

Anonymous said...

Ahh, Brazil, and it's Eucalyptus plantations...

Anonymous said...

Maybe the study of these trees will save some lives. The effects of radiation contamination are easily visible in the damage done to the tree's reproductive system, but the internal damage done to people is much harder to see (and to accept). Therefore, by studying the trees, they can hopefully correlate to the kinds of damage that can be expected in other living organisms, including people.

m a x l i said...

I love food and I like to cook. Since maybe 6 month I repeatedly see odd deformities in food-stuff. I will not mention bananas, so no one thinks of me as a nuclear shill. But I mention lettuce and parsley. And I live very far from Japan. The parsley made a great impression, because as far as I remember, it always had a nice fractal shape, where the stem splits in 3 again and again and again in an orderly "rhythmic" fashion. Now I had a bunch, where the usual system was totally thrown into disarray. The lettuce the same--all normal symmetry lost.

This is not scientific proof for anything; it could be that I am paying more attention now to such things because of my interest in fukushima and it's consequences and wouldn't have realised it before that event. On the other hand I have a kind of artistic mind and am always fascinated and on the lookout for interesting fractal shapes in plants and more general in nature since many years.

Anonymous said...

These pictures are shocking and irrefutable anomalies. I thank the professor for his work and the very clear pictures of normal/abnormal.

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Anonymous said...

Wasn't this the same professor who said half of the trees in Tokyo were dying from radiation? I think the prof. is looking for evidence that will support his forgone conclusion that Fukushima radiation is causing plant damage.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Anon above, I don't think so. He is the last person to fit the "forgone conclusion" or make the outrageous claim like that.

Anonymous said...

OK - I'll humbly rescind that comment and await further news.

Anonymous said...

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