Sunday, June 10, 2012

Off-Site Center for Ooi Nuclear Power Plant, Government's Key to Nuclear Safety

The Off-Site Center for Ooi Nuclear Power Plantis located at about 7 kilometers from the plant, at the foot of the peninsula and on what looks like a landfill. The access to the plant from the Center, as you can see, is either through the long bridge to the east, or around the coast to the west, and getting on to the only road (Route 241) to the plant. (Zoom out on the map below to see the plant.)

It's a spiffy-looking facility full of light and huge video conferencing screens and computers. Just like in the case of the Off-Site Center for Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant, I suppose they are assuming they will have access to abundant electricity even when a large earthquake hits. Not to mention roads remaining open and in good shape after such a quake...

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Here's the document detailing the "Special Surveillance Measures" that Prime Minister Noda has promised to assure safety of Ooi Nuclear Power Plant restart (yes, the one about stationing the Senior Vice Minister), from the nuclear safety specialist committee of the Fukui prefectural government. The document was apparently prepared by the Ministry of the Environment, on the occasion of Minister Hosono's visit to the prefecture earlier. According to the document, the senior vice minister won't be at the plant itself but at this Off-Site Center:

Under the "Members" and "Functions" (middle of the document), it says:


  1. Senior Vice Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry

  2. Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (including Deputy Director-General level personnel, total of about 10 people)

  3. Kansai Electric Power Company (Vice President level)

  4. Nuclear plant manufacturer [Toshiba, Hitachi]

  5. Persons of learning and experience

* We [the national government] wants Fukui Prefecture to cooperate, with its over 40 years of experience and ability to face nuclear safety.


  • Connected through the teleconference system at all time, constantly monitor the restart, and provide information to the citizens.

  • In case of an emergency, immediately grasp and analyze the situation, and decide on the necessary countermeasures.

  • In case of a nuclear emergency, the Senior Vice Minister will act as the local head of the emergency headquarters, and implement measures to respond to the plant accident.

So they will solely rely on the plant manufacturers (the only ones who know anything).

In the paragraph second from the bottom, it says:

The teleconference system will be on all the time, connecting the plant, the Off-Site Center, KEPCO, and NISA. In case of an emergency, the Prime Minister's Official Residence and the plant will be connected.

No joke...

Now, you can laugh and be merry. It's good for you, remember?


Anonymous said...

I would not be too surprised if the air filters are missing, as in case of Fukushime off-site centre.

Anonymous said...

that thing is more then 30 years old ...

Anonymous said...

Ridiculous. What can a roomful of middle-managers add, that is of value in a nuclear accident?

Chibaguy said...

I have know idea what anon @2:10 has to add. I am sorry ex skf but you seem to have another poster in left field.

The plant is on a fault line. These plants are not up to recent seismetic events and one occurring directly under a plant would set off an immediate bomb. The GSA for these plants is not realistic nor specs for a direct quake. Restarting two reactors is symbolic at most and will do nothing to add to Japan's economic future. What have people learned from Fukushima except for denial? Even Fukushima is in denial. Let's go with the devolution analogy of humans returning back to ancestors admitting "we fucked up."

Anonymous said...

@ ergo spammer

Research has proven NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR PRODUCT!!! Or your virus laden website, how is it the spam filter doesn't catch stuff like this?

TechDud said...

@Anonymous - "What can a roomful of middle-managers add, that is of value in a nuclear accident?"

Simple. Their pocket change!!!
Well, that and their resignations.

7km distance, that seems hardly sporting. I thought safety would have intimate value to anybody onsite.

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