Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Is Obama About to Order the US Military to Invade #Libya?

asks End of American Dream in its article (2/25/11). Or is it just a trial balloon to be ditched if it doesn't fly?

The article mentions recent reports, or I should say recent slant in reporting, in the US that seem to indicate the Obama administration is ready to do the same thing that the Bush administration did: Invade Libya, because...

  • Gaddafi has weapons of mass destruction (Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, supposedly);

  • Gaddafi has 1000 tons of "yellow cake" (uranium, just like Saddam supposedly did);

  • The US has to free Libya from the dictator and set the country on the path to democracy as defined by the US.

And as the article points out, if the US is going to do it, it has to do it alone or with the NATO, as China and Russia are likely to block any UN resolution that includes invasion of Libya by the UN coalition forces.

Why would the US be eager to invade Libya to "save" Libyans? Oil. (Hey isn't that what Gaddafi has been saying?)

Here's the CBS news segment that was linked in the article. It is from Thursday February 24. The reporter lists the US options one by one, dismissing all of them as "taking time", and concludes that the military option may be the only option for the US. The CBS analyst that appears in the news segment, Juan Zarate, says the military power may be needed to protect Libyans and remove Gaddafi from power.

They (powers that be in the US) seem to be prepping us, or testing our reaction, while they wait a one "wrong" move by Gaddafi which will give them an opening for military intervention.

Mr. Zarate never explains why that military power has to be provided by the United States, while Libyans are quite capable and more than willing to do that themselves.

Mr. Zarate was a Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor for Combating Terrorism during the Bush administration.

As EC President Barroso said, everyone is now eager to be on the "right" side. Obama can use a new, truly righteous war in Libya to cover up the mess he inherited (for sure) but has greatly expanded since then in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the mess he has created in Pakistan.


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