Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fighter Jet En Route to #Benghazi Shot Down by Opposition

Way to go, Libyans!

Tweets from Tripolitanian (from oldest tweet at the top, about 1 hour ago):

Unconfirmed: Fighter jet en route to shot down by freedom fighters.

According to Reuters, the downed warplane was piloted by a Sudanese. No surprise there, I doubt any would bomb their own country.

BTW, that warplane was shot down by a man in his 50s, using the AA gun for 1st time w/ only 1 barrel working.

That should send a message to Gaddafi's pilots. Tripolitanian also tweets that Algerian military planes continue to fly into Libya.

Algeria has been awfully quiet, though the discontent there would be just as great as in Egypt and Libya, if not greater.


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