Saturday, March 5, 2011

Zbigniew Brzezinski Is All For Indirect US Intervention in Libya

In talking to Al Jazeera, he says "some greater, but indirect involvement of the United States would sent the right message" and move things in Libya in the right direction.

Specifically, he wants US ships right off the shores of Tripoli, which alone sends a strong message, according to him, and even better, to unilaterally evacuate the Westerners. It would be the message to the divided Libyan army that it is not in their interest to support Gaddafi.

Ah, Mr. Brzezinski, there may be two problems to your proposal, which I tend to agree more than imposing a no-fly zone:

  1. (As I said in my last post,) As long as Gaddafi can buy arms and hire mercenaries with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of oil money each week, I don't think he cares whether he still has the Libyan military or not.

  2. You are expecting the occupant of the White House to actually sit down and think about what to do for more than 10 minutes.

I don't think Prez Obama will or cares. He will simply say yes to whatever proposal that he's given, be it from neocons like McCain and Lieberman or from some trigger-happy generals, as long as it looks like it will increase his chance of getting re-elected next year.

Brzezinski didn't mention a no-fly zone. Interesting.

Here's the segment on Al Jazeera TV:


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