Thursday, March 3, 2011

#Libyan Rebels Reject Hugo Chávez Mediation Offer

("Rebels" word by Guardian, not mine.)

From UK's Guardian (3/3/2011):

Leaders of anti-Gaddafi fighters say talk of peace is too late and they will not negotiate via Venezuelan president.

Libya's rebel leaders have ruled out any attempt by Hugo Chávez to broker a truce between them and Muammar Gaddafi, whom they insist must leave the country.

"No one has told us a thing about it and we are not interested anyway," said the spokesman of the national committee in Benghazi, Abdul Hafif Goga. "We will never negotiate with him."

The rebel leadership said the international community had yet to inform them of any initiative from the Venezuelan president, who reportedly contacted the embattled Libyan leader earlier this week in a bid to enter the fortnight-long violent standoff.

"Talk of peace is far too late," said a second member of the organising committee, Salwa Bogheiga. "A lot of people have died and there is no one to negotiate with. They lost that right when they started killing people on 17 February."

Gaddafi's side accepted the generous offer by the strongman of Venezuela. Guardian calls Gaddafi's side "the Libyan government", but I'm not sure it can still be called a "government", when it doesn't have the full support of the military, the diplomats, half the government officials have defected, it doesn't provide essential services to the populace, it doesn't protect instead it attacks and kills.

If I were a Libyan, I wouldn't want Gaddafi and his family out of the country until Libya gets the money back. They have appropriated the wealth of the country (with the help of crooks like Tony Blair), which is duly managed by the international banksters like J.P.Morgan Chase. If you simply kick Gaddafi and his family out of the country, bankers and wealthy friends like Rothchild and fellow crooks like Tony Blair would make sure the Gaddafis have a luxurious after-life on the money they've taken from Libya.

The US stock market gapped up higher following the overnight ramp-up in the futures, partly due to the seemingly better unemployment number and partly due to this Venezuelan mediation prospect. Oil and precious metals have been slammed.


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