Thursday, March 3, 2011

Obama on #Libya: I Don't Want to Be "Hamstrung"

Uh oh. I think he said the same thing right before the Afghan surge, meaning the US military brass was NARROWING THE OPTIONS for him. And we know what happened on that: the surge, that continues to kill and injure Afghan civilians and US and NATO soldiers.

Watch out Libyans and the segment of the US taxpayers (majority) who do not want to meddle in the affairs of others in other countries and who certainly do not want to foot the bill of Obama's adventures.

From AFP Libya Live Report on Yahoo (3/3/2011):

1912 GMT: US President Barack Obama is weighing a "full range of options" he told reporters Thursday."In addition to the non-military actions that we've taken, I want to make sure that those full range of options are available to me," he said. Asked whether that included the imposition of a no-fly zone over Libya, he said, "That is one of the options that we would be looking at."Obama said the priority now was to provide humanitarian assistance as thousands of people flee the unrest in Libya. And he said Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi was encouraging violence against unarmed citizens."I don't want us hamstrung. I want us to be making our decisions based on what's going to be best for the Libyan people, in consultation with the international community," he said, adding that Washington is consulting closely with America's NATO partners.

Well, NATO is not really about "humanitarian aid", is it?

I am afraid Obama is deluded if he thinks he has a choice, not to mention choices.


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