Friday, March 4, 2011

Egyptians Back in #Tahrir Square, Oprah Cancels Show

Hilarity of the day, saw it @ Zero Hedge:

And in absolutely hypocritical and hilarious news (cause they are so true), following today's re-escalation in Egyptian violence, Oprah, who was previously scheduled to have a show in Cairo's Tahrir Square, has promptly pulled out, citing "the flu."

Oprah Winfrey is not coming to Egypt’s Tahrir Square, despite an announcement from Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism saying the celebrity had accepted an invitation “without hesitation.”

According to a post on Oprah’s Twitter account Friday evening, the star has been in bed with the flu since the Oscars earlier this week. “Hearing reports that I’m taking show to Cairo. NOT TRUE. Have no plans to do so,” she tweeted.

The Ministry of Tourism invited Oprah and other celebrities to Tahrir Square as part of a campaign to bring tourists back to Egypt following the January 25 Revolution, which managed to oust Egypt’s 30-year dictator in just eighteen days.

The prospect of Oprah’s appearance in Tahrir Square has been met with mixed reactions by Egyptians. Some argue that any publicity is good publicity, and believe Oprah’s appearance will help draw tourists back to Egypt. Others are disdainful of the idea, asking, “Where was Oprah during the revolution?”

Please, c'mon Egyptians, don't waste your precious Egyptian Pounds on this woman. Do you know how much the Australian government had to shell out to invite Oprah to do her show (with rapidly dwindling viewership) there?

$3.3 million. That is 19.47 million Egyptian Pounds.

I think you have much better and much needed use of this money instead of wasting on Oprah.


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