Monday, February 28, 2011

#Libya: "No Foreign Intervention, Libyan People Can Manage It Alone"

That's the spirit! You do not want the US, or the UK, or the UN, on your soil. They are squawking louder now, because they see that you've done the most of the job already of taking down the madman and his family. Now they want to take the claim that the "international community" has "spoken with one voice" and rescued Libyans just in time.

Don't let them.

In the meantime, Gaddafi says everyone loves him (Al Jazeera Libya Blog 3/1/11):

"All my people love me," Muammar Gaddafi insists, ignoring mounting global pressure to step down and perhaps head into exile after four decades at the helm of his country.

"They love me. All my people with me. They love me all. They would die to protect me," the veteran Libyan leader said, speaking in halting English in an interview with Western media.

"No demonstrations at all in the streets," claimed Gaddafi, who has ruled his north African country for more than 41 years.

"No one is against us, against me for what?"


Anonymous said...

Libyan rebels are doing fine. They already lost 3 cities and Bengazi will be next.
Whoever wrote this slogan was an asshole or a Gadafhi undercover agent that only wanted libyans to be left alone so that Kadhafi would be free to butcher the opposition.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

It did cross my mind that it may be George Soros again behind this well-done slogan.

Still, given the fine track records of the US government, UK government, or the UN, I don't hold my breath that they would be so much more successful than Libyans themselves.

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