Friday, March 4, 2011

Protests in #Saudi Arabia

Al Jazeera may soon need "Saudi Arabia Live Blog"...

Just reading tweets by Sultan Al Qassemi:

More chants in Qatif: "We vow that we won't forget our prisoners" "Sunni & Shia we won't sell our nation" Arabic Video
46 minutes ago via web

Other chants include "Mansiyoon - Mansiyoon" "We are forgotten". Qatif is the centre of the Saudi Shia minority population.
48 minutes ago via web

I'm watching internet uploaded videos of the protests in Qateef in #Saudi, chants of "Silmiya - Silmya" "Peaceful - Peaceful"
49 minutes ago via web

Robert Fisk thinks the "end game" in all these uprisings in NAME (Northern Africa, Middle East) is Saudi Arabia.

As I posted in my TA blog, someone bought a large amount of call options on oil ETF (USO) that will expire in July. I bought along with that person, just in case.


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