Wednesday, March 23, 2011

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant: Reactor 1 Pressure Has Stopped Rising, TEPCO Resumes Work on Reactor 3

says Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency. (Believe them at your own risk.)

From Asahi Shinbun (in Japanese; 11:46AM JST 3/24/2011) reports:

Concerning the Reactor No.1 whose core pressure was rising on March 23 and was described by Nuclear Safety Commission chairman Madarame as "most dangerous", the pressure stopped rising about 7:00AM on March 24 as the amount of sea water being poured into the Vessel was reduced from 187 liters per minute to 160 liters per minute. NISA doesn't feel it necessary at the moment to release the steam [from the Reactor Pressure Vessel] in order to lower the pressure.

The central control room for the Reactor no.1 now has power, as of 11:30 AM today. Repairs on instruments [in the control room] continue.

other reactors, according to Asahi:

  • Reactor No.3: Black smoke subsided by 4:30AM. TEPCO decided that it was safe to resume work, and has directing the workers to restore cooling pumps. [ARE THEY INSANE?]

  • Reactor No.2: the procedure is being discussed on how to identify the radiation source (high reading registered on March 18, 500 to 720 milli-sievert) and how to protect workers using lead plates. [ARE THEY INSANE?]

In the meantime, Chief Cabinet Secretary Edano says his government may ask the US military for help.

Help on what? Isn't it rather..... late?

Edano was one of the politicians who spoke against asking for the assistance from the US military, say many Japanese bloggers and posters on the Japanese message boards. Others include Prime Minister Kan, METI Minister Kaieda (and author of books on how to make money investing in bubbly assets). Edano officially denied that the Japanese government declined help offered, he didn't convince many Japanese.


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