Saturday, March 26, 2011

"Let Us All Cheer for TEPCO" Says Japan's Minister for National Strategy

Ryukyu Shinpo (newspaper in Okinawa, in Japanese; 3/26/2011) carries a comment by Koichiro Genba, a politician from the ruling party DPJ and the Minister with special portfolio in national strategic planning (or something like that - I don't know the formal translation). And that's hilarious if not insulting.

Mr. Genba, who is a graduate of Sophia University in Tokyo (Law), says the following, according to Ryuku Shinpo:

"What's most important right now is not to criticize TEPCO, but all of us Japanese to stand behind TEPCO and cheer for TEPCO."

Unbelievable as it is, I'm sure lots of Japanese will just do that, criticizing the critics. Extend and Pretend and Hope and Trust in authority.

Amateur hours continue in Japan, as the nuclear fuel rods further melt in Fukushima.


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