Monday, March 21, 2011

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant: Reactor No.3 Smoke Subsided, Says NISA

If you can believe NISA (Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency), that's the good news. The white smoke has been rising from the Reactor No.2, by the way.

From NISA's latest press release (in Japanese; 11:00PM JST 3/21/2011):

White smoke rising from the Reactor No.2, at 6:22PM.

Gray smoke was seen rising from the Reactor No.3, at 3:55PM; at 5:55PM there was no smoke.

As of 11:00M March 21, the white smoke on the Reactor No.2 was still on-going. No update so far from the Agency or the Japanese news media, which seems to be conducting a full-on positive spin on all news at all cost.

According to TEPCO, right after the gray smoke started to rise from the Reactor No.3, the radiation level measured at the Plant's front gate rose sharply (which later subsided). (Yomiuri Shinbun, 1:12AM JST 3/22/2011)


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