Wednesday, March 23, 2011

US Government, PLEASE Release the Data on #Fukushima Plant, Radiation, ASAP

The Japanese government is proven utterly incapable of dealing with this crisis, and as the result the citizens of the country are exposed to danger that they are not aware of.

Please UNILATERALLY release all the data that you've collected since the earthquake on the Fukushima Plant, on radiation and radioactive material fallout, which you say has been shared fully with the Japanese government with the permission for release. The Japanese government is still sitting on it. Only yesterday top officials at Nuclear Safety Agency started to admit they may have screwed up badly for not releasing THEIR own simulation data sooner.

Face. That's all they care about. And academic prestige, perhaps, as these officials are from Japan's top universities.

If the Commander in Chief is still groggy from his vacation in Latin America, go over him.


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