Friday, March 25, 2011

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant: Reactor 3 Workers' Exposure in Sievert

At the onset of this nuclear crisis at Fukushima I Nuke Plant, we started talking about radiation in "micro-sievert". Then we were soon talking about it in "milli-sievert". Now, we're in the plain "sievert" territory.

The radiation level that these poor young workers at the Reactor No.3 were exposed is easier to count in "sievert", not "milli-sievert":

They were exposed to 2 to 6 sieverts of radiation.

Oh, and one more thing... The Reactor No.3 was using MOX fuel - uranium plus plutonium.

And one more thing... They always announce bad news in the last press conference for the night. Newspaper websites may carry the news, but by the time morning rolls in they may be buried several headlines down. Age-old trick.


VK said...

Thanks for your updates. Very informative. The downplaying of this incident has been extraordinary, incompetence all round. The reality seems much grimmer.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Thanks for reading. The downplaying has been joined heavily by the so-called US experts, too, starting several days ago.

But it seems even the greedy Wall Street traders who played the bounce in Nikkei are getting out, for the fear of Fukushima. I'm watching the government announcement to see if I see plutonium detected anywhere.

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