Sunday, March 20, 2011

#Obama Family Visit to Christ the Redeemer in Rio

In the meantime, nothing, - Japan's nuclear crisis, Libya's unfolding (potential) debacle, oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico - nothing deters the Obama's from having a dream vacation in Rio.

(I wish Brazilians told them to head back home.)

(On second thoughts, we don't have much good use of him or them in crisis anyway... But we don't pay for their vacations any more.)

From White House Schedule:

9:50 am
The First Family visits Ciudad de Deus Favela
Local Event Time: 10:50 AM BRT
Brazil, Ciudad de Deus Favela, Rio de Janiero
Travel Pool Coverage
1:40 pm
The President delivers a speech
Local Event Time: 2:40 PM BRT
Brazil, Rio de Janiero, Theatro Municipal
Pooled TV, Open to Correspondents
8:00 pm
The First Family tours Christ the Redeemer Statue
Local Event Time: 9:00 PM BRT
Brazil, Corcovado Mountain, Rio de Janiero
Travel Pool Coverage

Screen capture of AP report on their vacation on Yahoo, with Japan's earthquake links above; Libya on his mind? Keep hoping, AP..


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