Thursday, March 24, 2011

US Fed Chairman to Hold Press Conferences 4 Times A Year


I'd suggest he use the very first one to announce his resignation, the second to announce self-destruction of the Federal Reserve before the Supreme Court deems he and his Federal Reserve are "domestic terrorists" for counterfeiting.

From AP (3/24/2011):

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will begin holding news conferences four times a year to explain the Federal Reserve's interest rate decisions and its views on the economy.

The decision announced Thursday comes after the Fed held an unusual videoconference last fall in large part to discuss the need to improve its communications strategy. A Fed committee also had been studying whether to begin holding periodic news conferences.

Bernanke's first news conference will take place after the Fed's April 27 meeting. That will augment the current communications strategy: a brief statement released after each of the Fed's eight policy-making meetings with no officials available to answer questions.

Let's see.. The Federal Reserve hired a lobbyist who lobbied for Enron. Who does it have for PR spinmeister?

Oh look what I just found! The NY Fed is looking for a Senior Media Relations/Spokesperson!:
Desired Skills & Experience

  • A minimum of 10 years of experience in a high-profile role involving transformative, communications management
  • Demonstrated experience serving as a senior spokesperson in time-sensitive, critical situations
  • Established contacts and relationships in the media/press community
  • Deep knowledge of the financial services industry including the ability to write clear, concise communications on complex finance, market, and regulatory issues would be an advantage
  • Familiarity with the Federal Reserve’s activities and the impact on key stakeholders at the local, regional, and national levels
  • Proven ability to provide strategic, innovative leadership; extensive experience planning and executing broad communications efforts
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in public relations, communications, business, economics, political science, or related field
  • Social media knowledge/experience a plus
  • Must thrive in fast-paced, rapid-turnaround environment and be able to successfully handle multiple tasks on complex topics
What a deal! You don't even need a PhD in economics!


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