Sunday, March 20, 2011

#Libya Military Intervention: Japan All For It, China Regrets

Japan, ever a faithful ally of the US, is all for the military intervention in Libya by the US, France, and Great Britain.

On the other hand, China, who abstained from the UN Security Council vote that authorized the intervention along with 4 other nations (actually, those who abstained were BRIC nations plus Germany.... interesting), has expressed regret, and hopes "the situation in Libya stabilizes soon, and that the armed conflict will not expand further and the civilian deaths be prevented," according to Yomiuri Shinbun (in Japanese; 3/20/2011)

I have a decidedly mixed feeling. Much I hate the Gaddafis killing Libyans with abandon, what are the 120+ Tomahawk missiles for? "Shock and awe" Libya version, using up old inventory of Tomahawks by the US military? Like Serbia received heavy bombing with depleted uranium...

I am particularly disturbed when there is not a peep from the Obama admin about Saudi Arabia, whose military is killing protesters in neighboring Bahrain. It is almost as if the US is using Libya as a cover to let Saudis do what they're doing without attracting international attention. Wag the dog. Three-card Monte. (Tinfoil hat on.)


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