Monday, March 28, 2011

Body Found 5 Kilometers from #Fukushima I Nuke Plant, Too Radioactive to Handle

It doesn't look good.

Asahi Shinbun (12:31AM JST 3/29/2011):

原発から5キロの地点に男性遺体 放射線量多く収容断念

Man's body found 5 kilometers from the Nuclear Plant, too much radiation on body to take it [to a morgue] 

警察庁は28日、福島第一原発から半径20キロの避難指示圏内にある福島県大熊町内で27日に男性の遺体が見つかったものの、放射線量が多くて収容作業 を断念したことを明らかにした。発見場所は原発から約5キロの場所。遺体の状況などから、警察は男性が震災で亡くなった可能性があるとみている。

The National Police Agency disclosed on March 28 that a man's body was found in Okuma-cho in Fukushima Prefecture, which lies within the 20-radius evacuation zone, but since the radiation level [of the body] was too high and couldn't bring in the body. The [Fukushima Prefectural] Police found the body at about 5 kilometers from Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant. Judging from the condition of the body, the Agency believes the man died in the earthquake.


According to the National Police Agency, 15 riot policemen from the Prefectural Police rushed to the scene after someone informed the police; they found the body lying in the parking lot, face up. When they measured the radiation level on the surface of the body with the geiger counter, the reading was above the level set by Fukushima Prefecture where the whole body scrubbing of radiation was necessary. So they placed the body in a nearby building, and will decide how to handle the body later.


Within the evacuation zone, the Prefectural Police and Japan Ground Self Defense Force continue to check on the people who haven't left the area and to look for survivors, as they take precautions for the effect of radiation.


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