Saturday, April 2, 2011

It's Spring Time in Japan, Don't Worry Be Happy

The last post for the day I promise.

My contact in Tokyo tells me that all-on effort by the government and the mass media is on: Everything is back to normal, and radiation is safe.

April Fool's Day was the beginning of a new fiscal year in Japan. For major TV stations, it is a time to switch to their new spring programming. My contact says the news related to the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, and Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant's accident (which TEPCO calls "event") gets reported only in the regular news time. No more "earthquake/tsunami special" or "Fukushima Nuke Plant special".

MOX fuel? What's that?

Plutonium? Don't worry it's a heavy matter. It won't spread very far so it's safe.

Radiation leak? Iodine-131 in water? Sure it's there but no ill effect on health, it's safe.

And have you heard the news that TEPCO submitted the annual plan for electricity production to the government (they are required to submit every fiscal year), and the plan still included the scheduled construction of Reactors 7 and 8 at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant?

I have a feeling that the plan won't get revised. Hamaoka Nuke Plant in Shizuoka Prefecture that sits in the dead center of the expected Tokai Earthquake is set to resume operation soon, having conducted the emergency safety drill.

Also, a cute little trivialization of the serious news about the highly radioactive pit that TEPCO failed to block with concrete. The special polymer that they are going to use to plug the hole upstream is the same polymer that is used in disposable diapers.

Oh how nice. Diaper material can stop radioactive water. Who could have known?

We will know soon enough if Murphy's law is alive and well. TEPCO will do that diaper polymer operation in the afternoon their time.


Anonymous said...

It's not just the spring the summer isn't looking good with official estimates putting stabilization months if not years away. What about the annual Fukushima Beach Party on Aug 18th? The gathering attracted 10,000 people last year I wonder how many will brave the event this year if it is even allowed?

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