Wednesday, March 30, 2011

While Japan "Burns" with Radiation, Politicians Fiddle

It's just disgusting, but this is one sure way to spot a politician from half a globe away: he/she cannot help but play the proverbial "fiddle" while the world around them literally or figuratively burns.

Here are two snippets from Sankei Shinbun, which is considered to be right-leaning and where you're likely to find more critical coverage of the DPJ (Democratic Party of Japan) administration. But in the cases below, both the DPJ and the opposition LDP are acting like they are true-blue pols.

First, the DPJ politicians and their secretaries will get their party "uniform" to wear when they appear in front of people in earthquake related matters.

Sankei Shinbun (in Japanese; 1:30AM JST 3/31/2011):

The Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) has decided to order a party "uniform" for the earthquake of March 11 (Higashi-Nihon Dai-Shinsai - Eastern Japan Big Earthquake). The right sleeve of the uniform will have the DPJ's name and logo mark. Color is navy blue, and it will be available in 8 sizes from SS to 5L. It will cost about 5,000 yen (US$60) a piece, and will be distributed in mid April.

I'm sure that will become a collectors' item on eBay.. Oh wait, eBay pulled out of Japan long time ago...

Next (the link goes to Sankei article in Japanese) a female Upper-House representative of LDP (opposition party now) and her 10 pals in the LDP decided to demonstrate the safety of vegetables and fruits from Fukushima by eating the vegetable and fruit salads. The purpose was to send the message that it was totally safe to consume vegetables and fruits harvested in the area affected by the radioactive fallout and the areas surrounding it.

This representative, Tamayo Marukawa, is a 40-year-old former announcer at Asahi TV. Totally used to "performance", as they call in Japanese.


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