Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kyodo News Poll: 46.5% of Japanese Want to Keep Nuke Plants or Build New Plants

as opposed to 46.7% who wants to reduce the number of plants or abolish altogether.

Oh by the way nearly 40% of the Japanese also approve of the government handling of the Fukushima nuke crisis, as opposed to 58% who don't think much of it.

After the horrendous accident where 4 of the 6 reactors are incapacitated, threatening meltdown (which probably occurred already, at least partially) and radiation contamination that could wipe out fishery and agriculture in the surrounding area, displacing tens of thousands of people if not hundreds of thousands and exposing even wider area in Japan with radioactive materials, the supporters of the nuclear plants are neck and neck with the opponents, losing by only 0.2%.

And 40% of the Japanese approve of the government performance, when it was the prime minister who may have triggered the disaster by insisting on visiting the plant the next day after the earthquake, forcing the delay in opening the vent to release the steam from the Reactor No.1. I mentioned this in my post about a week ago, and now it's confirmed by Kyodo News (link is in Japanese).

(By the way, I located a temp job ad by Fukushima I Nuke Plant placed in February this year. So the rumor I posted in my post was correct. More later.)

Keep scratching your heads. Enigma of the Far East. Or several decades of "nuke is good for you" education is paying off for the government and the industry.

Here's the link to the results of the Kyodo News Poll--->


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