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#Fukushima I Nuke Plant: A Must-See AREVA's Presentation

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The presentation, dated April 1, 2011, was created by Dr. Matthias Braun of AREVA, an international nuclear energy company based in France. The original looks to be in German.

The presentation is a good summary of what has happened to the Reactors since the earthquake and tsunami incapacitated the plant on March 11.

According to Dr. Braun,

  • Spectacular explosions of Reactors No.1 and 3 are not so bad as they look, as only the steel structures on top of the concrete containment structures collapsed.

  • More worrisome is the Reactor No.2, with a damage to the Suppression Pool. Radioactive materials are escaping freely from that damaged Suppression Pool into the atmosphere.

  • So are the Spent Fuel Pools in the Reactors No.1 through 4. Particularly Reactor No.4, because the entire core fuels were in the Spent Fuel Pool due to maintenance - hotter than the other Spent Fuel Pools in other Reactors.

  • Significant core meltdown on Reactor No.1, lesser meltdown on Reactors No.2 and 3.

On the slide about the Spent Fuel Pool (Slide No.30), Dr. Braun writes [emphasis is his]:
Dry-out of Pools
  • Unit 4: in 10 days
  • Unit 1-3, 5, 6: in few weeks
Leakage of the pools due to Earthquake?

  • Core melt „on fresh air “
  • Nearly no retention of fission products
  • Large release

About the core meltdown (Slide 19):

at ~1800°C [Unit 1,2,3]
  • Melting of the Cladding
  • Melting of the steel structures
at ~2500°C [Block 1,2]
  • Breaking of the fuel rods
  • debris bed inside the core
at ~2700°C [Block 1]
  • Melting of Uranium-Zirconium eutectics

Dr. Braun seems to think that the "corium" (melted mass of fuel rods and other things inside the Reactor Pressure Vessel) is still within the RPV in each Reactors (except Reactor 4, which was empty due to maintenance).

There is something very ugly and evil looking about the containment structure... I guess it is just me.


AuCanary said...

"There is something very ugly and evil looking about the containment structure... I guess it is just me."

I thought it looked awesome. Esp with the torus exposed.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

LOL. All in the eyes of a beholder. It's a clumsy looking thing to me..

I read a first-hand account of one of the workers who migrate from one nuke plant to another in Japan, doing maintenance. He said, when describing the work he had to do - going into an empty pressure vessel (very radioactive) and dislodge a robot that malfunctioned. He said the moment he put his head in the opening he felt like he was beaten in the head by a huge hammer, and when he forced himself inside he distinctly felt the presence of huge, unknown evil. His word.

And Japanese are non-religious.

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