Monday, March 28, 2011

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant: More on Underground Tunnel and Duct

Asahi has a good pic in its article (in Japanese; 1:10AM JST 3/29/2011). It's in Japanese but I think you can figure it out, as it is marked with numbers and alphabets.

From the left column: Reactors; Radiation on the water surface in milli-sievert); Depth of the vertical duct in meters (A); Height of the water in meters (B); Distance from the duct's end to the ocean in meters.

The surface radiation level of the Reactor 3's water is "not measured".

The article says:


The turbine buildings are designated as the "Radiation Control Zone" where the strict control on radiation is required. However, the ducts and tunnels are outside the Zone. The pipes for pumping sea water to the heat exchangers go through these ducts/tunnels. The contaminated water is already up to 1 meter from the top of the ducts, and it is considered that the ducts/tunnels are filled with the contaminated water to capacity.


 原子力安全委員会の班目(まだらめ)春樹委員長は28日の会見で、「正直、大変な驚き。憂慮している」と話した。土壌や海水の汚染を引き起こす可能性も あるというが、「どのような形で処理できるか知識を持ち合わせていない。原子力安全・保安院で指導していただきたい」と話した。

Haruki Madarame, chairman of the Nuclear Safety Commission said in the March 28 press conference, "Frankly, I am very surprised and worried." There is a possibility of the water contaminating the soil and the sea water, but Madarame said "We do not have the knowledge of how to deal with the problem. We would look to Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA) for guidance."

Chairman Madarame should know well that NISA is no more knowledgeable than TEPCO or his Commission.


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