Saturday, April 2, 2011

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant: Is It a "Crack" or Is It a Drain?

Is it just me, or does it look like water gushing from a drain that was there in the pit before the accident? You know, the drain that you would normally see in the pit like this, to drain water that gets in the pit after the rain, for example?

TEPCO is calling it a "crack" (20 centimeters long). I'm sure it's a crack, and water on the other side of the crack is spewing as if from the round, cylindrical conduit....??

OK it's just me imagining things.

TEPCO's press release says:

Today at around 9:30 am, we detected water containing radiation dose over 1,000 mSv/h in the pit* where supply cables are stored near the intake channel of Unit 2. Furthermore, there was a crack about 20 cm on the concrete lateral of the pit, from where the water in the pit was out flowing. At around 12:20 pm, we reaffirmed the event at the scene.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this blog. Please keep on the good work. We need reasonable voices from Japan.

Anonymous said...

I think the big crack's outer terminus in the photo at the link below may be the 8" leak they very poorly photographed on the outer side of the service trench the photo above. You'd think these guys could spring for a decent camera I've seen better pictures from drunks with a disposable camera at a wedding.

I think it is very possible there may be deep cracks below the facility that are giving the radioactive effluents hard to plug direct access to the ocean. Officials have already made it clear even if operation baby diaper starts to work they aren't confident it will stop all the leaking. What I find disturbing is they never found the outflow of any of the junk they tried to clog the leak with. I bet the dye tracer that they should have used first will be inconclusive. I can see it now, "sir the dye indicates the plume is coming up through the bottom everywhere in front of the plant"!

Where are all the floating waste dumps they are supposed to be beg, borrowing and stealing? Maybe the owners are having second thoughts about contaminating their vessels with high level waste. Or maybe someone pointed out the anchorage is pretty shallow and typhoon season will be coming in a few short months.

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