Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More on IAEA's "Re-Criticality at Fukushima Plant": Bloomberg Japan vs Bloomberg US

That news is there in Bloomberg Japan's site in Japanese, which is basically what CNN reported in their 2nd update. But it is nowhere to be found on Bloomberg US site, yet. Interesting.

From Bloomberg Japan (in Japanese; 4:40AM JST 3/31/2011)



On March 30, IAEA disclosed in their press conference in Vienna that there is a possiblity that Tokyo Electric Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant has achieved "re-criticality", and IAEA are proceeding with analysis.


IAEA nuclear safety director Denis Flory said "It is not IAEA's final assesment" He also said, “This may happen locally and possibly increase the releases.”

Bloomberg Japan's article says at the bottom of the article that it has been translated, supposedly from English. But as I said above, I can't find it at Bloomberg US site.

Oh I forgot! Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant's accidents are so "over-hyped" outside Japan and that the US media should "apologize" for over-hyping! My bad..

So far, as of 5:47AM JST on March 31 in Japan, NOTHING on Kyodo News, Yomiuri, Asahi, Nikkei, Mainichi, Sankei. Only Bloomberg Japan.


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