Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Obama Embraces Nuclear Power, Despite #Fukushima Disaster

In case you missed my 2:00AM post on TEPCO chairman press conference, some interesting snippets:

Q: US nuclear plant construction by TEPCO what will happen?
A: South Texas project. Probably the US may reconsider how to proceed, it will be difficult for TEPCO to continue, partly due to cost (that will be incurred by this accident).

Earlier today, President Obama spoke about his bold initiatives on energy, vowing to reduce oil imports by one-third by 2025. And how is he proposing to make up for that reduction?

Nuclear, of course. AP reports:

And he embraced nuclear power as part of America's energy future, despite increased safety concerns following the earthquake and tsunami in Japan that severely damaged a nuclear power plant there.

Obama said he is determined to ensure that nuclear plants in the U.S. are safe, and has ordered a safety review of all facilities that will incorporate lessons learned from the crisis in Japan.

Sure. Safety review. (Is this his joke or something?) That will fix everything. All the Japanese nuclear power plants undergo regular safety reviews after another all the time. The government officials there are very determined to ensure the safety of their nuke plants.

So that you know, President Obama, one of the nuke plants that was shut down after the quake is set to reopen in Shizuoka Prefecture after a safety review. The plant sits right in the predicted center of the Tokai Earthquake that the researchers there have predicted to occur sometime in the future, right on the beach. And what are their safety reviews? To conduct a week-long disaster emergency drill. Then it is good to go online.

Oh, if the nuclear energy is so important, why don't you give a huge subsidy to TEPCO so that it can continue to invest in the nuke plant in Texas, Mr. Obama?

There you go, Japan. You have a staunch ally in defending the nuclear power generation despite the huge, radioactive mess that one of your nuke plant has caused.


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