Tuesday, August 2, 2011

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant: 10+ Sieverts/Hr Spot Photos from TEPCO

So there are more than one spot.

A human worker measures the radiation with the survey meter on the stick, August 1. Judging by the pale green color on the ground, workers must have been here, spraying the resin to suppress radioactive particles from flying:

Then, the photo taken with a gamma-ray camera on July 31 shows two spots with high radiation. The lower left one is the one measured by the human worker in the first photo.

Maybe it was not such a good idea to remove the debris. They may have shielded the workers from extreme radiation like these.


Anonymous said...

Well..this is certainly not a single pipe joint. "According to TEPCO, the pipe for the emergency gas process system is connected to the exhaust duct, and it was at the joint that the high radiation was measured." Clearly two areas of high contamination at a minimum. One only imagines what the radiation level was in the vented gases sent into the atmosphere.

Anonymous said...

Going on what Prof. Kodama said, severals of Hiroshima/Nagasaki blasts worth of radiation, only difference is the radiation wasn't pumped vertically by the mushroom clouds.

Could the Japanese govt. be any more insulting to its citizenry than maintaining it was or is safe?

Anonymous said...

"After IEER's report was issued, Japan initiated a small, offshore wind power program. "We applaud Japan's initiative, but it is clearly insufficient, said Dr. Makhijani. "A much larger effort on offshore wind energy explicitly directed at replacing the electricity that would be derived from MOX fuel is needed right now. It would be unconscionable for the country that suffered the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to subject its own people and those of the entire region to the needless risk of plutonium fuel, when a safe and more economical alternative is available right now." "


East coast offshore of Japan is now suitable ONLY for wind farms, fishing hopelessly polluted by Fukushima releases.


"VAWTs provide an important advantage in that they can be positioned very close to one another."
And probably experience less wear and tear, being axially oriented.


Anonymous said...

So, are these Japanese nuclear workers ALL as stupid as the guy in the picture? Lethal radiation and I see this knucklehead standing with a 10 foot pole and covered in a non-protective garb.

He must have missed the science class that explained how dead you get from high radiation exposure!

Welcome to Hell on Earth!

Anonymous said...

"Lethal radiation and I see this knucklehead standing with a 10 foot pole and covered in a non-protective garb."

Since your comment was funny enough to make me laugh, I'll paste my comment from the other thread,

"1 or 2 seconds, and did his very best to look like he'd been there long enough to scrutinize his meter. [strive for consistency, says TEPCO]"

daring the onset of nausea, he was

Anonymous said...

Ok I’ll be the one to state the obvious since no one else has so far – of course these readings indicate that uncontrolled reactions are STILL occurring! They are nowhere close to any kind of “cold shutdown,” or controlling pressure inside the buildings (how do you control pressure inside a building with no roof?), or “controlling” anything about it (except the media)…

What I really don’t believe is that (allegedly) no one has ever envisioned or planned-for this kind of failure (bullcrap!). I don’t believe that in this day-and-age we don’t have advanced robotic devices that are well-equipped, perhaps designed specifically FOR, situations just like this one. I can’t believe the world couldn’t develop that in the last 5 months if we didn’t have it already! I can’t believe that we didn’t already have materials ready-to-use, specifically designed to seal underwater radioactive leaks – did the great Japanese actually resort to “trying” some kind of shredded newspaper-like material to stop-up a frigging nuclear-plant leaking into the ocean? Are they still talking about possibly “trying” to cover the buildings with some experimental not-sure-if-it-will-even-work FABRIC? REALLY?!? I just don’t believe it. Any of it... The whole thing is a ridiculous farce of a phony bullcrap story from start to finish, I can’t believe anyone believes a word of it.

Anonymous said...

I suppose the minimum radiation is 10svr. I am assuming the real level to be about 40svr or more if there is a direct and un-protected opening with melten fuel. I would not stay there more than 1s. I would certainly assess the real level of radiation if I would want to protect the workers and know the true amount of radiation they were exposed to.

Anonymous said...

Jetison all atom bomb material from Earth while humans are still trigger happy. Work towards actively housing our souls in machines of our own design that are better than what we have now.

Anonymous said...

This may be a silly question........ but are those photos really taken in the same place? Obviously the gamma one is a wider frame, but I cannot see from that picture where the worker is standing, nor can I reconcile any of the features from the gamma pic to the worker pic. Any more visually astute folks reading?

Anonymous said...

".. are those photos really taken in the same place?"

Where he is standing in the first picture would be in the background below the spot on the right in the second picture.

Anonymous said...

The GammaCam in action....www.GammaCamNow.com

Anonymous said...

The GammaCam looks far too useful for TEPCO's disclosure sensibilities.



"Neutron-scatter" Camera ..
page 2
"You could have material hidden behind layers of shielding and still be detected .."

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