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#Radiation in Japan: 12,600 High School Students from All Over Japan Gather in Fukushima for Annual Cultural Festival

As ultra-hot spots exceeding 5 sieverts/hour are being discovered Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant and as the situation of serious radiation contamination is finally starting to sink in, what do they do in Fukushima Prefecture?

Hold the annual high school cultural festival, gathering high school students from all over Japan to Fukushima, in cities where high-radiation hot spots have been discovered throughout, or highly radioactive rice hay/meat cow has been found, or both. In one of the cities, Fukushima City, cobalt-60 has been detected in the soil in a park.

Business as usual, extend and pretend that everything is back to normal. Radiation? What radiation?

The 35th All Japan High School Cultural Festival in Fukushima 2011 started, as scheduled, on August 3. A variety of events organized by the high school students (yes, students in Fukushima Prefecture had been so hard at work), with the help of teachers and administrators, will be held in cities like:

Fukushima City
Koriyama City
Sukagawa City
Shirakawa City
Aizu Wakamatsu City
Kitakata City
Minami Soma City
Iwaki City

The event is organized by the Agency for Cultural Affairs and the Boards of Education in each city in Fukushima, both under the Ministry of Education and Science.

Asahi Shinbun, which is one of the special sponsors of the event, reports, with hardly a mention of the Fukushima I Nuke Plant accident or radiation contamination in Fukushima. All it says about radiation is that "some venues have been changed because of a concern for radiation level..." It's just a "concern", not the real thing:

From Asahi Shinbun (8/3/2011):


The 35th Annual All Japan High School Cultural Festival in Fukushima 2011 started as scheduled on August 3. The event is organized by the Agency for Cultural Affairs and others and sponsored by companies including Asahi Shinbun. There was a doubt as to whether the event would be held because of the Fukushima nuclear plant accident, but now 12,600 high school students from all over the country come to Fukushima, and will compete in 15 events that include chorus, art and craft, game of "go", Japanese chess.


The Festival is dubbed as "intercollegiate for high-school cultural clubs". The organizing committee of students and teachers have been preparing for the Festival for over a year. Initially, 23 events were planned that 20,000 students would participate in. But after the March 11 earthquake/tsunami some of the event venues became the evacuation shelters, and there was a concern for the radiation level in the areas where the events would be held. As the result, some events have been canceled, or the venues have been changed to other locations.


The grand opening ceremony will be held in Aizu Wakamatsu City on August 4. 550 local high school students will participate in a play that will express their hope for the recovery of Fukushima.


The Festival is supported by 3,200 high school students in Fukushima Prefecture who serve as the operating personnel for the organizing committee. They act as guides at the airport and at the major train stations, as well as helping set up the event venues, provide tea service, flower arrangements at the train stations and at the event venues.


At the Fukushima Airport, 4 students from Sukagawa High School greeted the plane flown in from Osaka. They had prepared themselves well with hypothetical questions and answers. They guided the participants from Hyogo Prefecture through the airport, explained how to get to the event venues. They sent off the Hyogo students with "We hope you'll do your best."


At JR Koriyama Station, two girls from Asaka Kaisei High School were waiting for the participants. One girl said, "So many people are coming from far away places to Fukushima, where much damage has been sustained. I'm nervous, but I will greet them with a smile."

Visiting for a few days in a high-radiation area is different from living in such an area, you would say. So?

There was a piece of news back in May which was very quickly buried. The news said that thousands of people received elevated radiation just by being in Fukushima Prefecture for a few days.

The organization "Safe Children of Fukushima" put up a Facebook page telling the high school students of the risk of radiation, and specific steps what they should do which include not going to Fukushima. The organization tells the students, "If you do go, take protective measures against radiation, and talk about the radiation risks with the students in Fukushima." It has a map showing the radiation measurement along the railway line - approaching Koriyama City and Fukushima City, the level goes up to that of radiation control areas in nuclear facilities.

No matter. The governor of Fukushima, Yuhei Sato, as the honorary chairman of the organizing committee, would never think of depriving Fukushima high school students of their once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of hosting this prestigious cultural event.

And why should he? He clearly doesn't even care for kindergarteners in Fukushima, as it turns out he was probably the one who wanted 20 millisieverts/year radiation limit for school children.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Fucking hell where does it end?

Anonymous said...

this backward mentality really amazes me (sarcastically, of course) ... I was having a drink with one of the senpai in the office two days ago, and it was very hard to explain to him what I think is happening to Japan with regards to this nuclear crisis. he is an educated man, he speaks English and has experienced life outside Japan, but his thought stream is similar to that of other Japanese. nothing to worry about. government is withholding information to keep everyone calm. in my head, that's total BS! it's as if, they've already closed their minds.

these kids are the key to Japan's future success (or ultimate demise). IMHO, by sending them to nuclear hot spots, Japan is shooting itself in the foot (maybe more akin to sawing off it's legs with a rusty hacksaw).

akaider said...

how can japan expect help when they obviously can't help themselves. frustrating. japan wake up!!!

Anonymous said...

Many in this younger generation will watch their friends or siblings suffer or die from cancer, or they themselves will have to be treated for cancer. What do you think these youngsters will do when they grow up and are called upon to support the senior years of the older generation who callously disregarded their health and well being?

What goes round comes round, so I have a feeling it will suck to be a grandpa.

Anonymous said...

I remember reading about the denial of reality going on in North Korea. One eye witness account described men who were emaciated and near death from starvation receiving their work assignments for the day - they were to go out to an orchard and dig graves. Since there would be visiting photographers, members of an orchestra were sent out with the men to play state music while the men dug the graves. The eye witness had a hard time believing what he was seeing and referred to it as 'watching dying men dig their own graves to the sound of beautiful music'. I thought that was the most freakish thing I had ever read. But lately, the accounts of actions or inactions toward children in Japan now rivals North Korea in the devotion, almost cult like, to a belief system that is killing them.

Anonymous said...

Robbie001 sez

I'm surprised TEPCO/JGOV isn't forcing kids to take school field trips to the shattered facility now that they are "well" on their way to recovery. I can see it now.

"Children please drop all your school issued dosimeters in this lead box we won't be needing them today on our field trip. If there is a problem I'm sure TEPCO officials will let us know in a timely manner"

"Please children do not remove your respirators or step off the Kuricoated paths during the tour. Plastic bags will be provided to cover your shoes as you get off the bus".

"Yes children this is the world's largest nuclear cooling loop" (We're # 1)

"Look children the local farmers have provided us with a feast(my favorite... Mushrooms). This is so wonderful we intent on starting a school program to promote local produce sales to repay their kindness."

"Over there behind that building off in the distance we'll find the world's largest repository of highly radioactive filter sludge. Unfortunately we don't have time to visit but we are happy to announce everyone will be getting a free sample to take home".

"Please be sure to attend our Jr. job fair before you leave (it is mandatory). Imagine getting $648 for a short 4 hour day of fun. You are also eligible to earn extra credit at school. Ask your teacher!"

"Radiation safety "Rotei" Haruki Detarame Madarame invites all students to take advantage of their newly increased exposure levels to earn honest part-time pocket money in their spare time."

Detarame: "Radiation makes some people think they taste metal but smart people taste money."

Anonymous said...

I see it as Japan before the beggining of the end for them in 1940. Same mentality. I am very sad and dissapointed, but that's it, that is what is it. Over confidence, sufficiency and complacency from many rich years. Sad is the attitude of the emperor but I will skip this.
Little (not enough) evolution of minds since 1940. The fascists have led the country since the end of the war and are still leading it as they did before the war. Japan has not learned. Maybe the "after fukushima" will bring heart to these peoples, now robots, zombies slaved to a few demons, the devils exist. Today still, some dare suuing the government, while 70 years ago it would not have been possible. There is new, free and real living soul in the country, that can hear their hearth beating and have the courage to stand. So we can hope and still have respect for the Japanese.

Anonymous said...

If I look at the world objectively I can only come to the conclusion that at the apex of the pyramid, the all-seeing eye is not of this planet and does not care for the life forms upon it.

We are trapped here on earth and only divine intervention from beyond this world will save us from these alien anti-human and anti-earth forces.

And to think, our fellow humans sold us out for some Ferraris, Coach Bags and Lear Jets...

Anonymous said...

Our fellow humans huh? well I have some news for you you people who still do not get it. You sold , or allowed yourselves to be sold out, and are still relying on others who clearly do not care about you to continue the game. You people post your woes only to go back to your false realities, so that you may sleep at night knowing you sold out your children, to governments that use them and throw them away. People pust up sights such as these to attempt to wake you up, and still no synapses are firing. The moment you delagated your right to know what was best for you, to a bunch of criminals who operate the corporation that is government you lost.

Anonymous said...

Kap daarmee

Anonymous said...

And I thought my own govt was corrupt . How can they hurt these children so ? Makes me deeply sad. I wish them all best luck.

Anonymous said...

"There was a piece of news back in May which was very quickly buried. The news said that thousands of people received elevated radiation just by being in Fukushima Prefecture for a few days."
This was the link, now inactive, from May 21,

Nuclear Plant Workers Suffer Internal Radiation Exposure After Visiting Fukushima

".. radiation measurement along the railway line - approaching Koriyama City and Fukushima City, the level goes up to that of radiation control areas in nuclear facilities.

No matter. .. opportunity of hosting .."
That's it, an opportunity of hosting .. nuclear tourists has arisen, money to be made.

"This is so wonderful we intend on starting a school program to promote local produce sales to repay their kindness."

Perhaps some of these unusual 'tourists' will develop yearnings for specific isotopes, so we must make all efforts at identifying spots and labeling the benefits of each.
North Korean/Japanese plutonium like an Angel's Smile.

".. newly increased exposure levels to earn honest part-time pocket money .."
Sounds like the "knucklehead" with the 10+ sievert/pole, "I was in that spot for several seconds only, Honest!"

Detarame: "Radiation makes some people think they taste metal but smart people taste money." .. And the Angel's Smiled.

One further comment on the running past the area detail, the Canadian reactor that melted down in Ontario (?) in the 50's had workers running past a doorway throwing sand or w/e inside as they ran past.
Just for context.

Anonymous said...

Wow....Japan has such a poor education system. None of these kids know anything about radiation, ruthless government lying, or more ruthless corporate lying! Japan's people are so screwed!

In this case, ignorance WILL get you dead! It's amazing how a disaster worst than Chernobyl by a factor of 1000, is treated like a bad windstorm.

So this was the plan of genocide of Japanese people? Allow these plants built on the World's most dangerous fault lines, to run amok for years to come and kill everyone it touches around the world. Amazing evil.

"God, your "brilliant creation" has caused it's own extinction, by what you knew Satan would do with man's lust for greed!"

God is truly disappointed as I would be, in you!

Anonymous said...

The Japanese are fucking ignorant backward fools buying into a delusion and are complicit in the government lies, this is a disgrace and shame on Japan for exposing its kids to radiation..

Anonymous said...

thought radiation was a treatment 4 cancer?
why would it cause cancer?

Anonymous said...

"thought radiation was a treatment 4 cancer?
why would it cause cancer? "

Are you taking the piss? nobhead

Anonymous said...

reading anonynous's @ 3:33 AM comment... seriously? why would it cause cancer? There has been lots of good information published for months on the dangers of nuclear radiation,particularly ionizing and the effects on the body etc. Do some easy research before you make such ignorant statements!

Anonymous said...

"when lies start to pass for the truth, the whole world will have gone crazy...."

Anonymous said...

i am in Europe and we have a large unreported problem with Satanism.

maybe the Japanese government are run by Satanists and they see this as a sacrifice!!!

these satanists are sick and need to be dealt with soon, but they are difficult to identify! :(

Anonymous said...

90% of cancer Doctors refuse Radiation treatment when they get cancer. Wasn't this covered in movie series Toxic Avenger?

Anonymous said...

Would one be so naive as to believe that the political and business elite of Japan are any different morally or ethically than that of other countries. The Japanese are only hoping the doom is not as bad as it really is.

This reaction is only temporary as they are still in shock. They will eventually have to do the hard work of recovery whatever form that takes. We can speculate on the details but be assured they will come out of the shock and will take action. They have no other choice.

Anonymous said...

Japanese society is a death cult. Those people are doomed. They're going to die early in life and give birth to monstrosities. But no matter how bad it gets they're going to obey and believe everything's safe. They're going to worship their overlords no matter what. A well ordered civilization trumps sanity and self preservation.

Anonymous said...

happy go lucky is their attitude

how sad

Anonymous said...

Japan will be toast. Who wants to buy Japanese articles anymore? Who wants to buy a new Japanese car or camera with free radioactive cesium included? A marvelous plan from the devil.

Anonymous said...

Why point a finger at the Japanese people for being duped? The problem now (and could this situation make it any more apparent?) that the people of the WORLD are being duped and abused collectively by our governments/banks/media/psy-ops and powers-that-be who truly DON'T care - at ALL - about "humanity" or humanitarian concerns. (the ones who really DO conveniently never actually wind up in positions of power, or if they accidentally do, they usually wind up accidentally dead)

If there is any "good" to be had from this Fukushima situation, it's that it exposes these realities for what they are and unites people around the world around a single environmental-threat and a common (and obvious) psy-ops routine being handed out by governments, media, and so-called "environmental protection agencies." The health of every person on the planet is potentially threatened by this situation (this risk is greater of-course in Japan but there have been very disturbing measurements and media cover-ups and government clam-ups all over the world over this). We're all being fed pretty much the same bullcrap about it by our own media/gov'ts/EPAs.

As much as it is at-odds with many core "western" beliefs, and as much as I am NOT endorsing the current "New World Order" regime/philosophies... I think "collectivism" is the only hope that we ("the people") possibly have of overcoming this nightmare. To join/act/think/operate collectively, and to manage the world's resources (and risks) collectively. The people of the world simply cannot allow select individuals to control/manage a situation like this that threatens the health and safety of every living and non-living thing on earth.

Obviously "they" have the upper-hand right now but unless "The People" make some kind of collective move sometime in the near future to END THIS BULL$HIT then I almost think we deserve to be annihilated.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if there is already a mention of this on the site, but check out Benjamin Fulford. He is a western journalist who may be the only Westerner to join the Chinese Secret Societies who are anti-Illuminati, hugely outnumber them and are a great deal more anonymous. There are many transcripts and recordings of interviews with him over the last few years. Interviews including The Illuminati warning him in 2009/2010 that unless Japan co-operated which had not been happening, they would use Haarp.

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