Thursday, August 4, 2011

Japan's Minister of Education Visits Monju, Says Fast Breeder Is Necessary for Japan

Minister of Education and Science Yoshiaki Takagi, a former union official at a shipyard in Nagasaki before he ran for office, visited Monju, the troubled fast breeder reactor in Tsuruga City in Fukui Prefecture where Governor Nishikawa may be jockeying for an advantageous position vis a vis the national government on the Hokuriku Shinkansen (bullet train) project and opposing the re-start of the reactors in his prefecture.

From Nikkei Shinbun (8/3/2011):


Minister of Education and Science Yoshiaki Takagi visited Fast Breeder Reactor "Monju" in Tsuruga City, Fukui Prefecture to be briefed on the implementation of safety measures after the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant accident.


After the visit, the minister gave comments to the press, "Research and development to find ways to use uranium fuel more effectively and to reduce nuclear waste is a natural fit for Japan, which has scarce natural resources", emphasizing the importance of developing a fast breeder reactor. However, he avoided specifics of the future development policy and said "it will be made clear through the discussion of renewable energy in the government's energy and environmental committees".


Minister Takagi hinted at discontinuing the development of Monju during the press conference after the cabinet meeting on July 15 morning, but effectively withdrew his comment in the evening of the same day.

Since Sellafield is closing its MOX-fuel plant specifically designed for the Japanese nuclear industry due to uncertain prospect after the Fukushima accident, Monju will be needed more than ever, if it ever succeeds in running for more than a few weeks.

Or the new generation of fast breeder reactor, to be built by Mitsubishi FBR Systems, which was set up by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in 2007. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries was selected by the government (Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industries) and the Federation of Electric Power Companies as the core company to develop the next generation fast breeder reactor in 2006.

There is no "free market" for the nuclear industry.

(In case you are wondering why the Ministry of Education is involved in nuclear power, it's because the Ministry absorbed the Science and Technology Agency in 2001. The Science and Technology Agency was set up as an independent agency under the Prime Minister's Office in 1956, for the express purpose of promoting nuclear energy in Japan. Its first head was Matsutaro Shoriki, "father of Japan's nuclear energy" who was also the owner of Yomiuri Shinbun and Nippon Television Network.)


Anonymous said...

"After the visit, the minister gave comments to the press, 'Research and development to find ways to use uranium fuel more effectively and to reduce nuclear waste is a natural fit for Japan, which has scarce natural resources', emphasizing the importance of developing a fast breeder reactor."

Japan's "scare natural resources" are a wee bit scarcer now because they are contaminated with radiation. And said radiation is being spread around all to hell due to erroneous policy's for dealing with the contamination fostered by foolish ministers such as Takagi. Makes wonderful sense (not) to build more nuke plants.

Scott said...

What about geothermal power? I expect that Japan could replace all of its nuclear power output with geothermal if they chose do so.

Anonymous said...

The Japanese government is just digging the hole ever deeper for the nation and the people within it. This is truly the saddest time in history where an entire nation will be destroyed. My nation. I am beside myself with sadness and seething anger.

Anonymous said...

That thing never worked right. Never. It won't suddenly start working properly now, so don't worry. Even if it is "restarted", all that will happen will be another semi-disaster, maybe another top-manager suicide or two.

My money is on the primary coolant loop, this time around. I'm betting earthquake.

Anonymous said...

Wind power could meet Japan’s energy shortfall

31 May 2011

".. Japan’s wind resources amounts to 1.9 TW, including 300 GW onshore and 1.6 TW offshore wind power. At the end of 2010, Japan’s wind capacity stood at only 2.3 GW. Even prior to Fukushima, the Japanese wind industry associations had called for 50 GW of wind development, 25 GW onshore and 25 GW offshore."

phase-out the Fouk-nukes

Go Wind!


Anonymous said...

Listen Japan.
People the climate change is a scam, the evidences is mounting at unpresedented levels and it undelines the fact that we are NOT getting Warmer, its infact getting colder.
Take a time to do your own recearce and see for your self.

Windmills are not effective, sorry the are useless, exept for lights in your cabin.
Solarpanels have a wery low effeiciense grade, the best is undre 20%, so forgett it for now.

That only sutainable solution is coal. And geotermic power, look to Island and learn it from them. Coal is the only solution that can bring us out of the grips of this horror.
Trapped in a lie and corrupt system that is lying all the time, and have no credibility left.
Coal has been attaced by the Nuckboys in several decades and faslsifying data to show, the coal ind. dangers and highlithing their so caled enviriomnetal freindliness.

Anonymous said...

"Windmills are not effective, sorry the are useless .."

As predicted, you will be un-seated,

Experimental wind-farm produces tenfold power increase
"VAWTs provide an important advantage in that they can be positioned very close to one another. This lets them capture nearly all of the energy of the blowing wind and even wind energy above the farm. Having every turbine turn in the opposite direction of its neighbors, the researchers found, also increases their efficiency, .."

Bold New Approach to Wind 'Farm' Design May Provide Efficiency Gains
"This challenges the school of thought that the only remaining advances to come are in developing larger turbines, putting them offshore, and lobbying for government policies favorable to the further penetration of wind power in energy markets."

Anonymous said...

Robbie001 sez:

Hey look every faltering national nuclear program has to have at least one failed FBR to hang around it's neck like a diamond encrusted Albatross. China just recently connected the CEFR to the grind they join 22 other countries in the 50+ year quest tilting at the FBR windmill.

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