Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wanted: 20 Healthy Males Who Want over $600 for 4-Hour Work a Day for One Month to Help Disaster-Affected Tohoku

It's probably a job in the disaster-affected area called Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant...

Anyone care to join "Fukushima 50"? It's not too late. They need fresh workers in the "new normal" at the plant where 10 sieverts/hour radiation is considered no big deal. (TEPCO says it doesn't matter because no work is planned in the area of 10-plus sieverts/hr radiation.)

Someone in Japan (t2aki) posted the photo of an ad on a utility pole, which reads:

Urgently Wanted
50,000 yen [US$648] per day
4 hours a day work

(and in handwriting)
Only for one month (20 working days)
2 days of training given

Work to assist recovery in the disaster affected area in Tohoku

No age limit
Healthy males
20 workers wanted

Probably an ad by a subcontractor of a subcontractor of a subcontractor .... many degrees removed from TEPCO.


Anonymous said...

600.00 a day? Are you insane? Make it 60,000 a day and I MIGHT think about it.
Goofy bastards.....

Anonymous said...

What a measly sum -- $648 per day! Banksters can make that amount per hour, for doing no real work, taking no risk and making no positive contribution to the economy or the good of society!

Anonymous said...

nanann !!!!! make it 600,000 an hour and i might take it in exchange of cancer nononh even if its 6,000,000 a day i won`t take it in exchange of my life ... life takes only ONCE and even if its 6,000,000,000 per hour not enough to buy my one and only life to live.... fucking tepoc tepco and the japs. government ... they are all murderer ... kodomo ni wa kinodoku !!!! kodomo wa kawaiso!!!!! anyway we`re all DEAD! period!!!!!!!

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

For people who are barely scraping by, it's a huge amount of money. Japan's nuke plants have existed on people who would apply to this ad.

They would probably get much less than this advertised amount, because they would probably have to pay a set fee to the contractor.

Anonymous said...

Please send in Kan, Edano and the TEPCO CEO along with the Radiation is good for your doctor among the other evil doers. Why should this even be a debate. Send them in their by force!

Anonymous said...

Robbie001 sez:

I thought the Yakuza did most of the JNUC short term recruiting? The sad part is the people who take these jobs are probably victims of the disaster that have few other options. I wonder how much tax they have to pay on their "windfall" of $12,960? In the US generally the more you make the less you get to keep. I saw an NHKw news blurb about some of the displaced locals getting jobs decontaminating cars and equipment that come from the plant. Most were happy to have the work one person hoped their efforts would help speed the recovery so they could go back to their regular job.

BTW, It looks like TEPCO has been caught overestimating electrical demand by about 20%. I wonder if this was part of a concerted effort to scare people into plant restarts? I read somewhere else that there are questions that Japanese power companies may have been dragging their feet in bringing nonnuclear power sources online to artificially inflate the importance of nuclear plants.


Anonymous said...

So let's see...
$600 per day X 20 days = $12,000.
Now, let say your cancer treatment is $100,000+ so, you have a net lost of $88,000!

Doesn't add up to me, especially since you'll be dead sooner and money will not save your life or your family's future.

Anonymous said...

I wanna go!

Arkansascajun said...

$162 hr. ??? that's what a masseuse makes here.

Anonymous said...

Yakuza redeployed to monitoring false rumors, talking to people about things & greeting special people at airport with a better way of thinking. so 5 years later report wow, look what happened with monitoring false rumors, we never knew.

Anonymous said...

I've been watching this mess from the start. These companies should expand recruiting to the United States, especially among homeless men. I'm sure bi-lingual people on site would be able to handle communication issues. Myself, I don't have family or much of a future anyway, so this money would be welcome and nobody would miss me. I'm old enough that an elevated dose is no big deal. Transportation wouldn't be much. They'll eventually have to start hiring people in this way and continue doing it for decades. People shouldn't be offended or upset by the prospect of using homeless men. Neither we nor the reactors are going anywhere. Seems a match made in heaven.

Anonymous said...

They are looking for healthy males to clean up their dirty, unhealthy and DEADLY mess!

I am glad I am a healthy female!

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