Tuesday, August 2, 2011

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant Reactor 1: It Was Over 5 Sieverts/Hr at the Entrance of "Train Room" on 2nd Floor

The robot "Packbot" went to the opening to the "train room" and the survey meter went overscale. The actual radiation level at the opening could be a lot higher, and I hate to think how high it is INSIDE the room. The radiation could have fried the bot.

Notice how rapidly the radiation level rose, from 18 to 300 to 2000 to over 5000, as the robot went inside the air conditioning room to the entrance of the "train room"

TEPCO's press handout on August 3 (in Japanese; English version is not yet out):

TEPCO also has the video of the operation, here (it's a zip file).


Shefi said...

How much, if any, of this radiation is getting out into the atmosphere, I wonder?

STeVe the JeW said...

laughing my fucking ass off.


and their.

retarded zip files.

Anonymous said...

It would seem that the entirety of the steam loop and the vent paths are heavily contaminated - not an unexpected development, by any means, but one that will complicate work.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

And they (at Fukushima I) are talking about "decontaminating" the stacks and pipes. They are nuts. How can you decon 10+ sieverts/hr radiation?

Anonymous said...

Robbie001 sez:

Here is a report done back in 2004 titled "Decontamination in the aftermath of a radiological attack". It gives a general overview of various decontamination methods. I would imagine they will try to use a chemical method to release the contamination. The question is can they control the resulting "recontamination" or will they make matters worse?


Anonymous said...

>How can you decon 10+ sieverts/hr radiation?

How they decontaminated numerous locations with 50+ sieverts/hr in Chernobyl?

Anonymous said...

Now if we could get some idea how fast the "knucklehead" with the 10' pole's meter went offscale.

Anonymous said...

Caught between a rock and a hard place.

If TEPCO drains the basements of the reactors, radiation will jump so high nobody will be able to get within a kilometer of the plant without receiving a fatal dose. If they leave the water there, it WILL leak into the groundwater.

Translate THAT, EX-SKF! BTW, love your work.

Catch 22.

TEPCO and the government aren't just inept, they are corrupt through and through. They DO NOT CARE about the people they are supposed to serve.

I suggest a world wide boycott of Japanese products as well as a sea and air blockade of the whole country.

Nothing less will get the shameful people of Japan off their sorry fatalistic asses to save their country.

Losers! You lost WW II and you're losing now for the same reason... You trusted your leaders.

Anonymous said...

Tepco and the big corporations are off shoring their operations and assets. I fear the Japanese are being hung out to dry.
I would sell everything I own and get out while the getting is good.
By the time the people of Japan realize how bad it really is it will be too late...

nika said...

anonymous 10:22 - do you have links that show that corporate off shoring activity? would like to use it

Anonymous said...

I heard it on Rense.com in an interview with Yoichi Shimatsu. He seems to be the only nuclear expert willing to tell the ugly truth these days. Sorry I don't have a link for you. The truth always comes out eventually.

Anonymous said...

Wa no kutsurogi. The Japanese way.(rolls eyes)

Anonymous said...

Japan's government and corporations are no different than any others around the world - and that's the really scary part. They will all abandon contaminated countries, and I fear that is what Japan is doomed to become...

Anonymous said...

Robbie001 sez:

Looks like the nuclear industry in the UK may be taking some financial lumps over their MOX fuel plant at Sellafield (Windscale). It seems Japan was their only customer so their future doesn't look too bright. Nuclear fuel fabrication is one of the industry's biggest sources of revenue so I doubt they are making this decision lightly. The closure is a cost saving measure but they neglect to mention the expense of building the specialized plant and training the workers. The UK plans to use MOX fuel in the future but the current plant isn't designed to fabricate the fuel they need. The closure also threatens the loss of the specialized "brain trust" necessary to operate any future MOX plants.


Masher1 said...

Reality is coming.


Japan is in serious doo doo.

Some see. Most do not. Rad's don't give a shit about Tepco propaganda or Japanese Government lies... Rad's just kill.

Kill for MUCH time. How many die depends on the lies and their being stopped.

See the lies and flee from the areas of their focus if you want to survive... Stay if you want to be part of the experiment.

Regmelocco said...

It is unjust to refer to WW2 now. Japan is different. This blog would not exist otherwise. I hope that through this disaster the people of Japan learn to question a lot of things - I actually think it is good that the ancestors are trusted and respected, and there are many great things still in this attitude. One of my good friends has just travelled in Japan in May-June and he posted beautiful photos and a lot of musings. Such as, his dad's bicycle was still standing at the place where the man had left it yers ago - no one stole it. He said if you elave your luggage at the train station, it is most likely returned. This would not happen in other places - surely not in a US metropolis or Eastern Europe.
However, trusting the government which is in bed with TEPCO and some other corporations is another thing.
There are many companies with a far cleaner profile in Japan, e.g. Mitsubishi is trying inventions to save energy.

Keep it up, Ex-SKF.

Tylox1 said...

The name of the game is genocide. This is intentional.

Anonymous said...

i visited japan in 2007, i found everyone very polite and the place spotless.. i can see how japanese in general could be hoodwinked by their govt. too trusting perhaps and they are very honorable. i think japan is toast unless they release some blk ops advanced anti grav free nrg tech to hoover this mess up.. see prof john searl in terveiws to get an idea of what they could do if allowed.. this is planned genocide!!

Anonymous said...

The good news is we have bigger things coming to worry about than radiation from Fukushima. Elenin.

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