Monday, August 1, 2011

TEPCO to Conduct Flow Test of Toshiba's SARRY

SARRY uses the zeolite towers, like Kurion's system, to absorb cesium. TEPCO plans to use it after Kurion's and before AREVA's.

Toshiba thinks SARRY can reduce the amount of radioactive materials in the water to one-millionth, and process 1,200 tonnes of water per day.

From TEPCO's latest tweet:


Notice: We finished the installation of the second cesium absorption unit (SARRY), and will conduct a flow test from August 1 to 5. After that, we will seek approval from the government, we will conduct the test run. If there is no problem during the test run, we will start the full operation.

Good luck, TEPCO and Toshiba.


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