Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Another Tokyo University Professor Haruki "Detarame" Madarame Tells Like It Really Is: "It's All About Money, Isn't It?"

The current chair of the Japan's Nuclear Safety Commission is Haruki Madarame, who's been dubbed "Detarame" Haruki in Japan, or "Falsehood, nonsense" Haruki. "Detarame" nicely rhymes with his last name.

He was a professor at Tokyo University before he became the chair of the NSC in April 2010. He gave an interview to a citizens' group back in 2005 on nuclear energy. Far from being "falsehood" or "nonsense", his talk was very frank, and totally made sense.

He quite readily admitted, among other things, that:

  • He and his fellow nuclear scientists in Japan didn't quite know what they were doing;

  • There is no such thing as safe nuclear technology;

  • The nuclear power generation was filthily profitable;

  • It's all about money - if someone's unwilling to have a nuclear waste dump in his backyard, tell him you'll pay him twice the amount promised before. If he still says no, tell him you'll pay him 5 times as much, or 10 times as much.

Somewhere down the line, someone will say yes, and that's all that matters. And Madarame saw nothing wrong with that. In fact, he didn't see anything wrong with any of his positions, because that was how it was.

Too bad it had to take the Fukushima nuke accident for the average Japanese to realize not only they'd been served with imperfect and dangerous "clean energy" technology but also that a nuclear expert like Madarame at the nation's top research institute knew quite well about the danger and the nature of the nuclear technology and industry and was openly telling people about it. Laughing, as if it was a funny joke.

Quite a contrast to another Tokyo University professor, Tatsuhiko Kodama, who seems to have inspired many people beyond Japan's border.

Madarame also said in the interview, "Trust us." And trust we did.

Here's the 2005 interview video with English subtitle (EX-SKF/Tokyo Brown Tabby):


Anonymous said...

Put his profiteering guilty butt to work on site at the reactors!! I am not kidding.

STeVe the JeW said...

"Too bad it had to take the Fukushima nuke accident for the average Japanese to realize"

lol... too bad it took b-29's to make Tokyokians realize that gellied gasoline and Tepco-like "militarists" were not so bueno.

Viola said...

One of the most honest and at the same time unmasking comment I ever heared from someone working in a regulation commission!
Everybody should see it.

German translation soon at my YouTube-channel 007bratsche

Anonymous said...

The solution is mindboggling simple, fire up the colemines and power stations in the meean time, kick the Nucklear ind. out.
The moust insane way of boiling wather ever invented and insanly poisionus.
They are the ones that initiated this the biggest scam in known history, the climate change scam.
The simply wanted to wipe out the cole ind.and gett the marked after them, and also heavily subsidised. Thats why the are so wealthy and powerfull.

They have prown their value and found to be useless and highly dangerous.
Corrupt and without moral whatsoever.
Thats also prowen by now.
Thats some ting Japan can do in just a matter of weeks, to turn the power on again.

Thats it, Japan.
Kick em out. and throw them in Jail and sue that company to its gone from the fase of the earth, prosecute and sue them all.

Morbid said...

I loved his comment about factor of safety - over design in the hopes it will survive unseen factors like CCS (stress problems). And he happily reports that,

We had "good fortune".

Does not "Fuku"-shima mean "Good fortune" - harbor in Japanese.

Anonymous said...

fuck!!! can`t understand why people discuss about that tepoc tepco and the government ..... very simple : nobody can`t beat meltdown , trough the groundwater and the ocean then contaminated air, food, and sea a very simple commonsense .. contaminated foods and tampering of the label all over supermarkets. we`re all dead!!!!! japan is just a matter of time...this is an small island...that four cripple nukes may settled ten to fifteen years!!!!! japanese people !!!!WAKE UPPP! .... tepoc tepco and the japs gov`t. MURDERER!!!!! these tepoc tepco and gov`t should jump n have a nice bath with glowing hot spots inside the super fuku spa with plutonium, cesium, wash their rotten brain and DIE.....

Anonymous said...

i agree with STeVe the JeW said..., nobody in my country feels that nuclear power is safe, or oil or any other form energy

Anonymous said...

People have the power. Join Greenpeace or other anti Nuke organisation. Fight the Nuclear industry where you live. Tell them to stop mining uranium (Wake up Australia). Leave the poison in the ground so we don't have to spread it all over the surface of the earth. If you have children you need to act NOW!

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