Thursday, August 4, 2011

Professor Tatsuhiko Kodama in Shukan Gendai Interview

(UPDATE August 5: Summary Part 1 is up.)

Watching Professor Kodama. He's explaining that chronic low-level radiation may cause chronic inflammation that leads to cancer.

He is very soft spoken in person. Warm smiles. He explains scientific/technical issues for lay people well.

Toward the end:

"What we need now is forecast, simulation, not academic studies. We need to protect mothers and children first."

"Do what we each can, instead of argument for the sake of argument. Contribute by doing what you can do best. It doesn't need to be about nuclear power or radiation. Play with children if you are good at playing with children. Even if that doesn't directly related to solving radiation problem or contamination problem, in a roundabout way I'm sure it will lead to a better solution."

Or something like that... So I will do what I'm good at these past 4 months; I will view the entire recorded video tomorrow and report back to you to share my findings.

(UPDATE August 5: Summary Part 1 is up.)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your efforts! Really appreciate it especially your blog is in bilingual so it will be internationally recognizable. Please keep up with your good work!

Anonymous said...

Thks again. Your work being translated into finnish ... problem is, the MSM-programmed mushrooms cant stand the light.

Pls continue unto the internjet shutdown: here this info is being classified into hate speech, sm bloggers even persecuted into asylum, the few woken waiting for the j§uital EUpap al thought police ...

Stock said...

Sir Dude, you are doing an awesome job, keep up the good work!

aran said...

Thanks again!

Apolline said...

Many thanks for your spend time to gather our best informations about Japan.

I'll save some time to translate the Pr Kodama's interview on my blog.

Like you, I hope sharing of Japon's distress. It's all I can do and pray for them.

Anonymous said...

"Contribute by doing what you can do best."

He is right.

Our other options are to come home after a day's work and what? revel in the harm we've arranged .. for innocent children?

What depths these greedy ogres have sunk to.

Anonymous said...

"low-level radiation may cause chronic inflammation that leads to cancer."--its not just the cancer danger! Its the autoimmune diseases which attack the body caused by exposure--before the cancer starts. With a MUCH smaller dose (Germany after Chernolbyl), daughter has Stage 4 thyroid cancer, which is outside of the gland and into the throat, and myself, developed a severe type of arthritis, which attacks bones and organs. Again with a much smaller dose than experienced by many in Japan.

nika said...

Anonymous 4:25 - i am so very sorry to hear about your daughter's disease and yours ((hugs)) there are no words to express the sadness and anger for something that did not have to happen and for which is such a tragedy.

You point out, very importantly, that its not just about cancer and it is about the system failures such as autoimmune disease which can be very debilitating. We live in a world where its not just radioactive fallout/waste that induces these failures but also pesticides and other industrial waste that damages our bodies badly.

So, we get it from all directions!

Apolline said...

Last video from Arnie Gundersen :

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to get all of this information out to us. Even though it scares me so much, I would be more scared if I couldn't find the info that you are sharing.I read your site every day and I appreciate your posts so much.

Anonymous said...

Robbie001 sez:

@ Areva

You might want to let your Japanese readers know that there is going to be a NO NUKES benefit concert on Aug. 7th staring most of the original acts. This time around it is called MUSE (Musicians United for Safe Energy). It seems a lot of the acts are also doing solo benefits related to nuclear issues too. Maybe some Japanese musician could do something similar in Japan to raise awareness.

If anyone is interested they can watch the MUSE concert online for a $10 donation. If people live in the San Francisco Bay Area tickets are still on sale (Shoreline Amphitheatre).

"StageIt will begin at 2PM (PST) on August 7, one hour before show-time. Viewers will have access to exclusive pre-show content including interviews and greetings from the performers, as well as the main feed of the entire concert.

The concert line-up for August 7 includes Crosby, Stills & Nash, Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, Jason Mraz, The Doobie Brothers, Tom Morello, John Hall, Kitaro, Jonathan Wilson, Sweet Honey in the Rock—with special guests. The artists will be performing together throughout the show, with Browne and Raitt anchoring part the first set, and Crosby, Stills & Nash closing the show."

Anonymous said...

They are pushing Canser in front of them as a sheild. Canser is the ultimate damage done to a cellstructure, and eventualy kill the cell.
Canser deaths numbers are regarded as "low" compered to the multitute of damages done before canser.

There wil be a increase in Autoimune disorders.
Thats the real problem for the majorety of us, canser is the least.
But the radation in several plases in Japan are simpl to high.
And never forgett, no matter the statments from whoever, the difference of internal exposure and external, is hughe. Infact its utterly meaningless to even compare the levels.
And never forgett the fact radiation accumulates.

DD said...

Thanks again, so much, ex-SKF. Your work is invaluable and appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Cancer always follows ionizing radiation exposure. All ionizing radiation is harmful, but because it is invisible it can be made to disappear by governments and corporations. Exposure to ionizing radiation has a super linear effect, i.e. small doses are proportionally more
high doses. So when radiation rains out into soil it raises the background for that site. I don't think the efforts to devise decontamination methods are the proper focus because once radiation is deposited in an area like around Daiichi it will be hot a long time and you will have alot of trouble changing the new high background level, plus overwhelmed by healthcare costs like in Belarus and Ukraine from Chernobyl. No, the focus today should be the same as it was in March, the need to immediately entomb Daiichi under a mountain of sand with a big concrete cap on top. Those Fuk'd reactors will remain in a corium glass bong way at the bottom under all the volcanic sand. If not entombment and an end to the discharges into the atmosphere, the rainouts in British Columbia and Tokyo will continue to deposit radiation into soil. What other planet will take the people who want to let this thing sit there spewing for decades? No reflectin of this blog, we love what you do, but for god's sake can't someone in Japan talk about immediate entombment and an end to the radioactive releases? Is anyone paying attention to what they found in Chernobyl?
Check it out Mouseketeers, they found the whole enchilada in vitreous lava in the basement of the sarcophagus just like it should end up in Daiichi- the sooner the better--

apeman2502 said...

All sorts of information here but nothing on detected radiation levels anywhere today or even this week. Is organized crime running this site also like the government? All other info is relatively nongermaine. You should have a daily radiation posted for rainwater and airsample at 3 feet above ground for Tokyo, Fukushima, Seattle, Vancouver B.C., Los Angeles. You are a very central popular website and it should be most simple for you.

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