Friday, December 16, 2011

As Noda Declares Fukushima Accident Over, US Deputy Secretary of State Congratulates, Offers Support in Decontamination

Thomas Nides, who happens to be in Japan, congratulates the Noda administration on the end of the nuclear accident marked by a cold shut down "state".

He said in the press conference that he had heard it one day in advance from Japan's Foreign Minister that the Fukushima plant had achieved the state of cold shutdown. Hahahahaha.

Is NRC Chairman Greg Jaczko still coming to Japan to join the farce?

From NHK News (12/16/2011):


US Deputy Secretary of State Thomas Nides, who is in Japan, held a press conference on December 16 and disclosed that he had been informed by Foreign Minister Genba on December 15 that Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant had achieved a cold shutdown state. "We at the US government are very happy to hear the news. We believe the Japanese government has made the right choice toward recovery." Regarding the massive decontamination work that will be needed, he said "Many US companies are interested in taking part, and our government has offered assistance", indicating the continued support for the recovery from the nuclear accident.

Recovery from the nuclear accident, NHK? The accident is ongoing and you know it.

So here you go. Nothing the US companies like better than a bubble, and they are eager to join in Japan's decon bubble, at the Japan's taxpayers' expense.


Anonymous said...

They still don't know where the coriums are at. Further they are melting through cement and cannot be effectively cooled. THERE IS NO COLD SHUTDOWN.

Anonymous said...

For my money the best analysis so far comes from Arnie Gunderson, watch his latest video at the website.

In a nutshell, the corium has probably not and will not melt through the concrete floor; but, the water cooling those globs will be contaminated for a very very long time, and continue to leak out the sides of the buildings. The contamination will continue for a very very long time.

To declare that the accident is "over" is absurd beyond words but understandable given that the motto of the Modern World is WAR IS PEACE.

Anonymous said...

I think we're all reading this wrong. By "cold shutdown", they're not talking about the nuclear accident. They're talking about their brains, because there's obviously nothing going on up there.

Anonymous said...

Jaczko would probably rather be in Japan after the last 2 days. On Wednesday the House committee focused exclusively on whether or not he is an a**hole at work.
On Thursday the Senate committee met on Nuclear Reactor Safety.
We can all feel safer now, everyone is hard at work, there have been no leaks, and the cancer bubble will help grow economies worldwide.

Atomfritz said...

I believe even Kim Il Jong is a more honest and trustable man than these shamelessly lying puppets in the western-style capitalist governments like Noda.

Probably we just misunderstand the meaning of "democracy".

In ancient Greece only rich people who were willing and able to pay were allowed to participate in decisions.
This is the original meaning of "democracy".

Genpachin said...

US Deputy Secretary of State: "...We believe the Japanese government has made the right choice toward recovery."

What choice would that be? The choice to do nothing and pretend all is well???

Anonymous said...

Financial recovery.

Anonymous said...

Gundersen must have missed the pretty pictures TEPCO and NHK put out to explain the corium eating into concrete. There ARE two deep grooves on the concrete surface that would concentrate the blob.

Anonymous said...

".. and the cancer bubble will help grow economies worldwide. "

Cancer bubble, very good coinage.

Rather than Oppenheimer rolling over in his grave, it appears Hippocrates is attempting to lift himself from his grave as evidenced by an occasional humerus poking up thru his grave soil, and retracting again.

"I believe even Kim Il Jong is a more honest and trustable man .."

Yes, at least he does not feign to rescue people from the plight he has arranged for them, he merely tells them death is their lot.

Anonymous said...


"I do not think it has broken through the steel and I think it is perhaps as much as a foot or two into the 3 feet of concrete. But that does not make a China Syndrome. The reason it is not working it's way down any further, is because the radioactive daughter products are no longer generating anywhere near as much heat as they did on the very first day of the accident. In fact, they are probably generating less than a million watts of power right now. Now that is a lot of heat: a million watts is ten thousand 100 watt light bulbs and you can imagine that that would generate a lot of heat. But compared to what was available on the first day, and the second day, and first week, the amount of decay heat is very small.

....the good news is I do not think a China Syndrome can happen. I do not think this core can keep melting into the bottom of the earth. And I do not think there will be a steam explosion either. That is the good news.

Here is the bad news. That nuclear core is in direct contact with tons of water. And that containment, while not leaking down, is leaking out the sides. That contaminated water is going into every other building on site. And there is literally thousands and thousands of tons of water in other buildings. That water contains radioactive cesium, radioactive strontium, and it also contains nuclear fuel. There will be uranium in that water and plutonium in that water as well. We know for sure that that water is leaking into the ground water and into the Pacific Ocean. So while it is important to know that we are not going to release the nuclear core directly into the center of the earth, the problem is not over. And as a matter of fact, the problem will last for tens, perhaps even as long as 30 years because this contaminated water is in the basements of all the buildings on site. And not only does it contain cesium (that hangs around for 300 years), strontium (hangs around for 300 years), but it also contains plutonium and uranium and they have half lives of tens of thousands of years."

Anonymous said...

Looks like Arnie is looking for some consulting job.

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