Friday, December 16, 2011

State of Cold Shutdown in #Fukushima: US Deputy Secretary of Energy Was Also At Hand

As I posted yesterday, NHK quoted the US Deputy Secretary of State expressing a strong interest from the US companies to participate in Japan's decontamination (bubble), after he congratulated the administration on this important milestone.

Well, he was not alone. It looks like a whole delegation of the US government has been quietly in Japan, negotiating with the extremely pro-US Noda administration for a big piece of "post"-accident bubble in decommission and decontamination, to be paid for by the hapless Japanese taxpayers.

Businessweek/Bloomberg news on the "state" of cold shutdown at Fukushima (12/16/2011) quotes the US Deputy Secretary of Energy Daniel Poneman:

Cold War weapons production in the U.S. left the country with “a significant nuclear cleanup legacy, including high- level waste, contaminated soil and groundwater,” Daniel Poneman, the U.S. Deputy Secretary at the Department of Energy, said in Tokyo yesterday.

The Hanford Site in Washington State and the Savannah River Site in South Carolina have more than 90 million gallons of liquid waste in tanks the government is working to convert into more stable forms that do not threaten the environment, he said.

Japan's government has requested support from the U.S. to decommission the Fukushima Dai-Ichi plant as well as managing the site from an environmental perspective, he said.

Sovereign capture is so complete. Or it always has been.


Atomfritz said...

Japan is actually still an occupied country like Iraq.

Today Kyodonews reported that the US finally agreed to de-immunize american military that kill Japanese while driving under influence. (link: )
A slight improvement over the occupation status similiar to that in Iraq, 66 years after end of war.

Iraq had to give away its oil sources to the US and its allies.
Japan has to give its financial wealth to the US.

Japan had to buy the "nukes for peace" from the US, thanks the spin mole Yomiuri.
Now Japan has to buy the decontamination from the US.
The raping of Japan and the Japanese continues...

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember Pearl Harbor? There is a reason the US military is in Japan. Sad to say, with Fukushima, Japan may have finally taken control of the environment everyone lives in..

Atomfritz said...

@ anon 2:19

To be fair, I think it's important not to forget that the US provoked the war with Japan by means of embargoes, moving their fleet to Hawaii and much other political, economical and militaristic taunting.

Roosevelt wanted war, but the Americans didn't want war. This made impossible the "cannon-boat diplomacy" the Japanese were used from the Americans since the 1850s.

Thus the US leaders had to provoke the Japanese to attack first and took care that the US fleet was in Pearl Harbor like a sitting duck for the Japanese, deliberately not being informed of the imminent Japanese attack.

This has been proven by documents that were released by means of FOIA.
(I'd prefer this to be a conspiracy theory, but the evidence doesn't indicate so.)

Very interesting further reading:
"Do Freedom of Information Act Files Prove FDR Had Foreknowledge of Pearl Harbor?"

Anonymous said...

Cold shutdown. Yippee!

Now Fukushima seems as a suitable location for storage the high-level waste from all over the world - it´s safe!

Sry, I must throw up.

Alex Smith said...

This "cold shutdown" B.S. cannot be allowed to stand unchallenged. Many American newspapers are running the Prime Minister's announcement with no criticism or question. Everyone want it to be "over".

My request for a radio interview with you still stands. For Radio Ecoshock.

You can remove this comment if you wish. You could set up a one-time hotmail account to email me at radio at

Your anonymity can be protected (I think) and even your voice can be changed. I would love to have you tell our 54 radio stations the things you write in your blog.

It's the best blog on Fukushima. I recommend it everywhere, even on the air.

Get in touch.
Alex Smith

Anonymous said...

Notice the Japanese Government is not asking for the American's help in reburning the radioactive debris at locations away from the Daiichi site. The Americans need to speak up about that anyway. That is where the continued Northern Hemisphere fallout is coming from.

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